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Monday, September 8, 2008

Ramadhan Blessings ....

Zikir 1st - 10th Ramadhan
Allahummar hamnii, yaa arhamar rohimiin
Ya Allah, kasihanilah aku, wahai Yang Maha Pengasih dari sekelian pengasih
Oh Allah, have sympathy over me, oh The Most Compassionate of all

I dreamt of my ustaz last night, just before I got up for Sahur.
He was dress in white in a white sarban, as always. He was sitting down and he called to me. He asked me if I could face the qiblat in which I did and he put his palms on my head and made doa for me and the baby in my tummy.

As I woke up suddenly and tried to look if it was true, I realized that it was just a dream. I wished it was real.
Ive been thinking of the dream. If it was at all any truth in it, then how did Ustaz know since neither me nor my hubby told him anything about this pregnancy or was it the work of an angel ?

Little Habib is going through the milk phase again !

After months of consistent milk drinking, he has learnt to push the milk bottle once more. Sobz. I cant even give it to him in his sleep. Its back to loads of stress and cup and straw. Sigh…… the perils of motherhood.

Ramadhan Really bring blessings.

Ive found a part time helper. Wooh! She'll help me out with the 1 week load of ironing that I usually do. She is even willing to do other task when she saw that I was pregnant! the only thing is she wont do is clean the windows cos of her fear for hights.

As I watched those programmes shown on Suria about the less fortunate,

I realized that no matter what I go through now and how tough the pregnancy is or how I always say that hubby does not help much in terms of housework, I must cherish that I still have a hubby and we are still healthy and blessed.
I remember the lady and her toddler son at Teban Gardens who lost her hubby to an accident, the one I visited 2 years back… Masya'allah, I wonder how they are now. That memory made me thankful that I still have a husband who sleeps next to me at night, who still ran errands for me, who buys food for me no matter what time it is, who still gives me money, who still prays for me. Thank you Hubby, I love you much !

Ramadhan Blessings…

If only every month brings as much blessings that Ramadhan brings ….


Aryna said...

Salam Ramadhan to you, Ummu Habib. May Allah grants you strength throughout your pregnancy in this holy month....*hugs*

Ummi's Blog said...

thanks Kak Rina...Im taking a break from Blogging..... been really tough emotionally...trying to be positive...

May you have a blessed Ramadhan too and may yr mum given better health.