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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ramadhan Thus far...

Zikir 11th - 20th Ramadhan
Allahummagh-fir-zunibi Ya Rabbal-a-Lamin
Ya Allah, Ampunkan dosa ku sesungguhnya Engkaulah Tuhan seru' sekalain Alam.

This year's month of Ramadhan has been one of the worse in my life. Sadly, it was something I half expected but I was keeping a positive mind.
Test after Test after Test, and the pregnancy has lessen me to do the normal routine Ramadhan Ibadah like Solat Terawih and reading the Al-Quran.

First of all, Im tired and yes, at times lazy because I feel that I have some other things to do. Little Habib is extreamly manja and will even wake up when its time for Sahur, robing me of a proper meal. Still I am trying to be positive and everytime I do my prayers, I pray for Ramadhan's blessings and Forgiveness.

I know I should be asking for more, especially for the pregnancy and for the unborn baby in me, but some how, I am not asking as much as I should.

There is a kind of emptiness in the heart. Going through Ramadhan and fasting without Masjid Al-Abdul Razak feels so empty. The renovation is not yet completed ( projecting completion end Nov 08, still require your kind donations ), so there is no Terawih Prayers there, no singing of qashidah there and no Power-to-the-Max doa para para wali there .....

I SOOOOO miss the last few years Ramadhan where the 3 of us spend our nights there, where I can still hear Almahum Ustaz Ahmad Semait read doa written by those pass Walis and then where we all sing the qashidah's by Habib Ali Alhabsyi. I know, the same format has been moved to Al-Wehdah for this year, led by Mufti and Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal, but we have yet to make our way there. Hubby's Terawih this year is all over the place, Ansar, Khalid , Mydin , Siglap etc

Hubby has been sick... Strong Influenza Virus, has been missing Terawih because of that ....

Me and Little Habib, on and off fever , but alhamdullilah, still going strong. Alhamdullilah, my son is drinking milk again but refuse to eat much.

My sis is in hospital for the past 1 week for the same virus that hubby has and severe asthma. My Mum is busy shuttling to and fro CGH to feed her, I am on leave taking care of my Little Habib cos my dad is working.

So... yeah, that very much sums it all. I pray for better days.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.,

Ummi, JTS - To avoid you from having proper meal for sahur when lil habib wakes up, you may want to carry him and place him on the mattress nearby where both you and hubby eat. We do that when our little kids are awake and somehow, we feel fresher and energetic communicating to them about sahur and fasting (if they do not go back to sleep and want to sit next to us). Alhamdulillah, we feel a sense of satisfaction and no burden at all during sahur.

Worth trying though.

Ummu Mukhtaar

Ummi's Blog said...


Ok will try that.. the problem is this manja boy wants to sit on my lap.. and when I walk to wash the plates or clear the table after eating he is still clinging onto my legs wanting to be carried!
Cobaaan... heh.

Hidayah said...

Salams Ummi,

We will definitely experience all kinds of test especially in the holy month of Ramadan. We need lots of patience.

Being single this Ramadan, I just hope the best for the best to myself, my beloved family and all relatives in Singapore.

I did feel the pain last year of Ramadan remember? You always advice me to be strong. So I think you need that as well. See how fast time has left us. Insyallah, things will get better.

I miss all of your there in Singapore!

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Hid in Ireland !

Yes insya'allah... i just had a good cry, did my subuh prayers, read the quran and zikir to cool myself down. Its scary when u feel alone.

Take care and do eat well over there...

we miss u too..cuz, dont forget get me a fridge magnet hor. hee.

Anonymous said...

hi ummi:)
i am also having an absolute terrible Ramadan. Answering your facebook qn to me last week, the answer is yes and though i am not far along as u, my morning sickness is a true nightmare.

May Allah bless both of us even though we are not in the pinkest of health and may our battles in motherhood give us plenty of barakah:)

take care!


Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Nad,

I totally understand, had really mad MS for this 2nd one too..hang in there...Time will pass...eventually....

Amiin to your doa and may this 9mths be smoother for you in days to come. Congrats by the way.

Ihsan said...

Salaam sis,

Take care...cubaan Ramadhan, but I'm sure you'll have many happier days soon.

Be strong and will keep you in my doa.

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams sis Ihsan,

Yeah, sometimes going thru hard times isnt that bad cos u know, definitely, happier days are ahead. Will keep u in my doas too...'hugs'