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Monday, August 18, 2008

Explorer Kids@Ehub Pasir Ris

Went to Explorer Kids with Ummu Mukhtaar and family @ Ehub last Saturday morning, and good golly did we all have fun !

It was an unplanned trip, and since we had nothing much to do for 2 hours or so after our breakfast, we decided to join our good friends for their trip to explorer kids. I was set to just sit and watch cos of my coughing, and Hubby was game to bring Little Habib around...

Little Habib and Hubby enjoyed it so much, and by the end of the hour, they were sweating from all the climbing, running, sliding......
So cute..Little Habib was screaming at me from up the maze to look at him, and at the end, he came to me and said " tired...tired...."

We're already planning our next trip there.. probably bringing my mum and sis along the next time...and we're going to sign up for membership too. We love seeing our son happy.. well who doesn't kan... ?

When we reach home, both dad and son practically "pengsan" to sleep...exhausted ! Same goes for Abi Mukhtaar and his kiddos...

Thanks Ummu/Abi Mukhtaar and for introducing us to this place... :) May Allah Bless your family.

Things I like about Explorer Kids :
* Its cold
* Washrooms, diaper changing areas are clean
* No shoes, Just socks
* Clean and must sanitize hands before playing
* Not too bright
* Fun Fair Carnival Atmosphere

I guess, I'll let the pictures do the talking.... ; )

Little Habib wearing Argentina Jersey, stopping by one of the shops...

Hubby and son in the maze

They went all the way up and slide down the slippery slide !

"Hi Ummi..join me lah"

Having fun with Mukhtaar and Zainah in the ball pool

" Wow best nyer !!! " Little Habib even pretended to swim in the ball pool.

"The Bujang and the Dara"...hee hee...

Bapak Budak pulak try wall climbing

Actually, when I was sitting alone watching my son and hubby play in the maze, I felt v peaceful and really, being together with people I love is really what I feel comfortable with, rather than being with a crowd which I don't fit well in.
And Being with my friends, whom I respect for the way they lead their lifestyle was more than a blessing for me, rather than being with people whose lifestyle, I cannot comprehend...
This is me.... call me an introvert or anti social... I don't care...truly.


ummu nabil said...

Ooh, tempat ni kalau lepaskan Nabil bagus niii... Biar malam dia pengsan kepenatan jadik mak dia pon tak asyik bangun untuk dia ngempeng jer..

sriberry said...

Bagus tempat ni eh...kalau dari rumah ksri dari ujung tanjung ke ujung tanjung nak sampai sana..heheh..good for gross motorskills..jgn budak2,mak yg tgk pun macam nak join sekali..:))mmg betul Ummi..mereka happy kita lagi happy..i feel the same way whenever the kids n husband are happy like that..rasa syukurrrr na eh dik:)nak cubalah tempat ni..

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams :

Ummu Nabil : eh best u, Im sure Nabil suka..wanna join us ? end of the mth, before fasting..heh. I'll tell u when later.

Ksri: Yarlah kak,this place kat end of east side, so abit jauh for u, tapi can try lah...yr cik abang ada kereta kan..hee...
yes Kak, as wives and mums, bila suami and anak hapi, kita lagi hapi eh ! : ) Inilah nikmat bagi wanita.

Anonymous said...

Assamu'alaikum wr. wb,

First of all, that's so fast of you to update the outing last week. We were thinking why not let you guys experience the joy and fun of being such places, where family can "play" together, once in awhile away from outside interference of our family lives.

Bila lagi, kiter-kiter mak-mak budak dan bapak-bapak budak boleh jadi budak-budak kan? Tempat cam ginilah, syiok.

We are glad you guys enjoy yourselves there, berry much.

ummu mukhtaar

adikbongsu said...

looks best arr the place... i think kalo my kids yg pergi ni mesti tak nak balik...hehehe

Ummi's BLOG said...


Ummu Mukhtaar : *hugs*

Kak Banun : best kak,tapi mesti kena balik..its only per hour basis...nak extend another hour kena bayar lagi..heee...