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Friday, August 15, 2008

AIF ! ...Cough and Lesson Learnt !

Alhamdullilah, Its Friday.

Ramadhan is coming and spiritually Im not prepared at all.

The cough has gotten worse. Been coughing so badly before I sleep, that all I can mutter is Allah…Allah…Allah…. Luckily, Little Habib is away is KL visiting my brother, so he dosnt get to see his Ummi lying in bed, like that. He understands my feelings. When he see me cry, he says in a soft willowy voice, “ Ummi Cryyyy”. When he sees me sick, he goes “ Ummi sickkkkk” Heh..cute kan budak budak.

I cough phlegm with blood for the past few mornings. Today, the DR gave me antibiotics. My lungs have some stubborn bacteria that’s why my chest feels itchy and I need to cough. I pray that it will go away by next Friday so that I can attend the talk by Shaykh Hisham, If not, Massy will write down notes for me to read.

Its really tiring coughing and coughing non stop and incontinence. You know Bloggy, I was prepared to find adult diapers to wear but Alhamdullilah, found this pads specially for Bladder weakness at the pharmacy. Thank GOD ! Now I wont have to wet my pants no more. The brand is Poise and its simply a thicker version of the normal maxi.

Tomorrow nite, is Malam Nispu Sya’aban…Malam doa kita tidak akan ditolak. Malam Pintu Langit dibuka. The night our report book are being brought up and new ones will replace. I will be at home. I cant go to any majlis cos Im coughing. Hubby, you know lah will be at the "Briyani Dam" Masjid.

Anyway, this week, Ive learnt a valuable lesson.

Ive learnt to stick to my own group of friends, those who love ilmu, those who love going to the mosque, those who fear Allah (swt). I tried to mix with some people who are not on the same path as me and I got flamed. All I wanted was to pass some good influence, yet I was gossiped, accused and insulted. Cant blame that. It was my fault. Just not careful enough. But Im cool. I smiled. I wish to thank them for the pahala that they have donated to me.

Went to Sis Muna’s Warrior blog to seek solace last night, and this was what I found..Something, which I was looking for but didn’t know what.

How to be closer to Allah ( Part 3 )
"It is best to separate yourself from people who do not believe in what you believe, who do not do what you do, and who are against your faith. Yet at the same time you should not think badly of them or condemn them for what they are. Your intention in ignoring them should be that you prefer the company of believers. Spend your time in remembering, glorifying, and worshipping Allah instead of being with them."

I am thankful I have friends who are believers, fellow Islamic Bloggers, the halaqah sisters , my masjid friends, my "Ustaz’s wife" friends , my "hubby’s friends" wives. I love them eventhough I dont see them often, or some of them, I havent even met but the love is strong. Guess I shall stick to them or if not, be on my own.
That’s better than having to face insulting words.

Innallàha wa malâikatahû yusallûna 'alan-nabiyy, yâ ayyuhalladhîna âmanû sallû alayhi wa sallimû taslîmâ. (Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.) 33:56


Ihsan said...

oh dear, hope you get better soon...I can't wait to meet afif...:)

Anonymous said...

my hp rosak, cldnt sms u..
why dont u take no pay leave 4 the time being like i did? yr baby is mre imp thn anythg else at ths mmt kan? kesian u.
be assured, amidst all ths, u still look good pregnant. :)

mummy fuzzywuzzy

Ummi's BLOG said...


Ihsan : yeah doa for me k...once afif comes, things will never be the same again..so much joy Im sure.. : ) best nyer im so excited too.

Mummy F : no lah cant lah gal..my new partner is still new, and there is only the 2 of us in CS. I wish I could, yet I cant so just have to tawakkal that baby will all right. Me look good? you saw how kental I look yesterday rite..hee hee..

nor said...

salaam Ummi,

sorry to hear abt yr condition, hope for speedy recovery. ((HUGS))
my hubby, me and my kids will be attending the majlis of nisfu syaaban tmrw, insya allah...dont want to miss it.!
u take care !

sriberry said...

..hope things are getting easier in days to come with regards to your health...other else..do hang in there...take care and hugs*

Anonymous said...

May Allah make you well again...Ameen

And hope we can catch up again soon.

Ihsan's sista

Ummi's BLOG said...


Sis Nor & Ksri : Jazak'allah.... amin for yr doa... hope to recover soon too :) *hugs*

Ihsan Sis : praying that you will have a safe delivery. Have more rest now that your counting the days.. *hugs*

ummu nabil said...

Jazakillah khairan for sharing! :) And do take care ya! Go wheedle MC from your gynae lah. Hehe..

Oh, Ummi, tumpang holler eh...

To Ihsan's sis: I know you, once upon a time! Same studio (it's one huge space, anyway), different year. Hurhurhur.. May you have a safe delivery ;)