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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Habib @ Ba'alwie Mosque

Dosent' he looks grown up and handsome here ??? ( Awww... hee hee puji anak sendiri hor...)

Ah tasbih lah nak ' semoga menjadi ahli ibadah dah suka bersama para-para solehin.
Little Habib has been sooo naughty these days. I am not incline to belive in the "Terrible 2" phrase but seems that there might be some truth in it !
Mum, sis and us went to Masjid Ba'alwie last Saturday morning, National Day to solat Dhuha, and drink the air perigi. As usual, took some time to roam the mosque and soak in the serene atmosphere. After that, drove to Takashimaya to buy things for Adik from the Baby Fair. OK, I spent within my budget.
Mum went to Taka and bought Little Habib 2 branded tee-shirt for Hari Raya, Burburry and Raphl Lauren. Gosh, she didnt have to do that cos she's not working and whatever $$ we give her, she spends it on our son. So thankful, yet feels indebted to her. But really, we dont buy him branded stuff, so it does feels akward when other people does it.
Mum says its OK, might be her last year alive .... scares me alot lah.
Am on MC today, planning to rest ....
Been on MC since yesterday.
Had terrible Asthma attack since last Sunday, went to GP for the nabuliser.
I suspect this asthma is caused by my tiredness.
Monday morning, still breathless, went to GP again, this time was given Prednisolone Steriods.
SMSed DR Bal whose in Turkey right now..check if its ok to take steriods during mid pregnancy.
DR Bal advise necessary to take it, as acute asthma is worse during pregnancy and it will have little effect on the fetus.
Monday Night - after resting for the whole day, my face became pale, breathless, could not even move, parents worried so they advised me me to go to A&E CGH. There were practically going to carry me there if I refused.
Hubby came back ard 6.30, took me there after magrib. We were there from 8pm to nearly midnight. Went through Nabuliser twice, waited in the waiting area in between seeing the DR who checked me twice.
In the end, decided not to get admitted but to rest at home. Beds there were full anyway.
Feeling guilty cos I have not been to work since last Friday but still I need to think of the baby. If my health is bad, it might affect the baby kan...No Choice !
Today, feels less chesty, taking steriods with my ventolin inhaler and cough mixture. Will have plenty of rest after this cos Im still tired as asthma attacks are tiring. Those who have asthma will know the feeling. Lethargic.
Planning to back to work tomorrow, need to face the battle of pending workload. Oh nooo.
Not to mention at this stage of the pregnancy, whenever I cough, incontinence sets in, so its been really scary cos Im hoping the water is NOT from my waterbag but just urine. Its getting so bad that Im using sanitary pads for the moment! I dont recall going through this during my first pregnancy.
The second one has been hard for me, but Insya'allah will go through it one step at a time. I put my trust in GOD and whatever happens, Im certain, Allah knows best...


sriberry said...

So cute smiling n sitting there enjoying himself eh lil Habib..ehee..
Ummi take great care and rest well cukup2 ok....though a bit rough on the road but insya'Allah..you cope pretty well dik...hugs*

Anonymous said...

Rest well and wishing you a speedy recovery.. as for the branded clothes thing , its the same for me.. from both my side and my hub's side..they buy quite a lot of branded clothes for my kids that usually i dont buy clothes for them cos dah banyak sangat heeh.. tapi Alhamdulillah.. rezeki kan :)
p/s:but i do enjoy the occassional online shopping of gap and the old navy for them :)much cheaper to buy from sprees than in sg ;)oh yes for the adik, you can also try the sprees at singaporemotherhood.com especially from babymall.com
really great bundle offers :)


Anonymous said...

Salam Ummi,

hope you're feeling better. Take care and rest well k *hugs*

psst.. Lil Habib sure have grown a lot :)

Ummi's BLOG said...


Ksri: Thanks ksri..love u so much eventhough kita tak pernah jumpa....
yar its been a rough road, still manageable, tapi kena tabah banyak banyak.. silently I speak to GOD. Hope GOD listens to my words. I am nothing without Allah's help and blessings.

ID : Thanks Cuz, will try my best to rest. wah best nyer u have both sides buying clothes huh..for me, mostly my mum and sis ajer. Tapi oklah, he is my kids, so I dont expect much from others. But best jugak rezeki eh. Save sikit blanja baju Raya. Ok sure will check out those website..
Psst : so far, I have bought Adik -super black baby thights online ! heheh..... insya'allah...cant wait to see adik and try it on.

Kak Banun : Thanks Kak.. love you so much too. Psst : yar betul, tapi tetap ummi's bantal busyuk. hee...