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Saturday, August 9, 2008

FA Scan

Various scans took during the FA scan...

Alhamdullilah, hubby and me went to Paragon Medical Centre to have the FA scan yesterday. Glad we both were able to get leave to go through this together.

Orchard was really crowded, but too bad, I didnt get to do any shopping cos I was feeling tired. Taka is having a Baby fair these 2 weeks, would be really good if I can just drop by to borong those baby stuff that I need.

The scan was done by a radiographer. Glad I took this scan eventhough I found it costly. Various scans were done on Baby's spine, heart, stomach. Made sure baby has 2 kidneys, check on the bladder, umbilical cord, placenta, confirmed baby's sex again, ensure brains OK.

Fingers, toes .. yes there is 5 of each. Face, eyes, nose and lips to ensure no cleft lips.... Alhamdullilah, sangat bersyukur, all of these checks are negative of any signs of deformities. Amazing the technology.

Yes, water level is high. The DR was called in, very nice and "rich" looking DR. She explained that the normal water level is 15-20cm, and my waterlevel is 20.2 so thats just slightly above the normal level. The Good news is that water will decrease as the weeks go by.

The Bad news is there is a danger of premature labour. She's hoping nothing before 31st week. Ya'Allah....only you can determined that. Im praying to go full term all the way. Insya'allah....

DR advise to rest more. No strenuous activities to press on the waterbag such as you know what. And of cos, my gynea is to follow up on the water level.

So we waited 1/2 hr before we got the results and scans and took the train back since our car was in the workshop for a total wash. Yes a total wash to get rid of the longkang smell and remove the sarang lipas ! A car is a BIG Ni'mat to me but Alhamdullilah, there is an increase of commuters giving up seats for me.

So thats it... now I just have to TRY and rest more. Dont Know how Im going to do that since Im literally doing all the housework myself and my son is getting more and more active and inquisitive....but this is just a minor test. I must be strong.


sriberry said...

Alhamdulillah Ummi...happy ksri baca hari ni...:)))
So you have to get lotsa rest to avoid the pressure ya..maybe get some help to do the cleaning in the house dik? maybe you can let your family know what your condition requires you to...do take great care ya...insya'Allah..baby n mommy sihat walafiat sentiasa:)hugs*
ps:reading this,ksri mcm nak baby sgt..ehee..belum rezeki:)

Ummi's BLOG said...

haha ksri..betul ker? well rezeki di tangan tuhan.. : )

my family knows, and willing to help jaga my son if I need to rest... other than that, guess I just have to close one eye with the housework..

Anonymous said...

Salams ummi, i hope&pray you and baby going to be ok.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks..I need all the doa I can get.. : ) amiin.