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Thursday, August 7, 2008

20 Weeks Check up ...

Turns out, no one accompanied me to see adik yesterday for my 5th month check up.

The nurse at Eastern Specialist Clinic had called me to inform me to come earlier at 5.30pm as my dear gynea had to attend to some mummies on labour at night.

Hubby could not leave early as he was busy in the office, and since hubby was not going, Little Habib could not come with me to see adik in the scan as well.

Surprisingly, the clinic was near empty as not all the night appointment mummies could make it earlier, and I breezed through the queue within 5 minutes. Gynea greeted me chirpyly and she says its just me and her cos my hubby was not around. We did the scan.

I went there feeling happy and strong, cos Im in my 20th week and usually the 5th mth check up would be pretty much routined. However, little did I expect to hear some uncomfortable comments from DR Heng.

During the scan, Gynea noticed that I have excessive water in my waterbag. Ok so what does that mean ? Cos during my first pregnancy, I had too little water which was dangerous and was made to stay in bed for a few days as fatique can cause the water in the waterbag level to be low.

Gynea explained that it can be dangerous because the waterbag if too full, can leak or burst and at 20 weeks, definitely, it would be too soon for the baby to come out. Yeah, some mummies give birth at 31 weeks, but thats ok as they have reach 7 months, thus the babies will be Pre-Mature babies. But to come out at just 20 weeks or so is just too early, risky and dangerous.
Nauzubillah Min Zaliq, I am really scared now cos I really dont wish to have a pre-mature baby let alone a baby out before the 30 week.

Gynea noticed that I have alot of fluids in my tummy because I have been taking sweet things like Durians, Mangoes, Gassy drinks , tea , coffee , chocolate , ice creame. Gosh... she was right. I AM guilty of gulping these down as seems that my taste buds this time only wanted sweet things. And these sweet things are whats causing the water to be retain as the sugar level was too high. Gynea was also concerned if I have a family history of Diabetes... which I do on my dad's maternal side. So now Im on a Diabetic Diet which is very much food - unsweetened and plain water only. Also dont squat down or let Little Habib bang on my tummy, cos I have to try to avoid pressing on the tummy. Hmm. OK I'll Try.

Another bad news was that the blood test I took last month, shows - low level of blood. So now Im on Iron Tablets besides calcium, fish oil and multivits.

You know, Im really worried, but I can only follow my gynes instruction now, no more soft drinks, chocs , durians, mangoes and drink only plain water. And of cos, I can only tawakkal that adik will come out safely when the time is right and not anything earlier cos I really love adik already.
Still adik is an amanah from Allah and I know that adik is NOT mine. Ok do I make sense here ?

Gynea also encouraged me to do an FA scan... which Im going tomorrow at Paragon. This is an optional scan to check baby's lungs, hearts and limbs whic I actually opted out as I wanted to save cost but since now that water in waterbag is excessive, its really recommended that I go, so that will be $120.00 off my savings for now.

Im really praying hard the results of this FA Scan will be clear of any worries and bad news. I just want my baby to be healthy. I said that from day 1, tak kisah girl or boy asalkan healthy. ( Ya'Allah... I seek your protection. )

I guess...now you know why I look 7 months preggy eventhough Im only 5 mths now. Not because the baby is big, but because I have lots and lots of fluids in the waterbag.

Adik, Ummi didnt have a good look at you yesterday as Ummi was more concern of what Dr Heng was telling me. But Dr Heng said that your active in the sac and growing well.

Alhamdullilah. We are halfway there.

Current weight at 20 weeks : 57Kg
Weight at 16 weeks : 54kg

قُل لَّن يُصِيبَنَا إِلاَّ مَا كَتَبَ اللّهُ لَنَا هُوَ مَوْلاَنَا وَعَلَى اللّهِ فَلْيَتَوَكَّلِ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Tidak sekali-kali akan menimpa kami sesuatu pun melainkan apa yang telah ditetapkan Allah bagi kami. Dia lah Pelindung yang menyelamatkan kami, dan (dengan kepercayaan itu) maka kepada Allah jualah hendaknya orang-orang yang beriman bertawakal". (At Taubah : 51)


sriberry said...

Insya'Allah Ummi...semoga sihat sejahtera ibu dan anak yang bakal lahir...ksri doakan adik selamat dan sihat sahaja and tak de complication whatsoever ...aminn..to Ummi this one too..ksri masa preggie with my twins,suspected of diabetes(potential) as my father was diabetic...so was to stay a day in the diet observation room..check darah every few hours..hospitalmeals and whatnots..alhamdulillah..everything went fine till delivery...oh yes...like you..had iron supplement and i did not finish it as i felt nauseous each time makan that capsule..
Insya'Allah ummi..ummi start jaga diet ummi baik2 ok..bykkan doa n leave the rest to Allah s.w.t ya..rest well too...hugs*

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks Kak Sri, syukran for the encouragement.. just that i feel like crying cos Im worried... worried for the FA Scan results and worried of the waterbag. Still I cant do anything but to talk to Allah when Im worried.

Yes, insya'allah...will cuba jaga diet. Cannot see Durians anymore.... ohhhh sungguh cubaan....

sriberry said...

Sorry..akak lagi...can't help feeling for you dik..insya'Allah..apa2 result pun ummi, its from Allah s.w.t......He has Best plans for His slaves that we will never know what is in store for us dik.....put your trust and sangka baik unto Him like what you have been doing ok...all the same ksri doakan semuanya selamat dan sihat ya ummi...insya'Allah..

hugs n take care*

norza said...

i also had a low iron level count in my blood test result. but gynae said it was most likely due to my water retention. and im also eating lots of sugar'y stuffs like urself, sis. durians..chocs...soft drinks...guess i better take those in moderation.

anyway, all the best for the FA scan. :)

norza said...

ohhh..btw..you can try eating more foods that are naturally high in iron during like meat, egg yolks,green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, nuts, grains...also vitC is good to help increase the amount of iron that is absorbed into your body. avoid tea cos it can can prevent or reduce iron absorption.

Anonymous said...

insyaAllah, everything's gonna be alright..u take care!! *hugs*

kak dewi

Ummi's BLOG said...


KSri: u v sweet lah kak..terharu lah baca yr comment, yes, insya'allah I will tawakkal and put trust to Allah...tats all that I can do selain berusaha to follow's gynea's instructions... realise at some situations, i am powerless to change things... I am keeping my faith up after worrying this much..hee.

Norza : wah thanks for the tips.. i go no appetite for meat tapi take alot of veggies cos I keep eating Yong Tau Fu noodles. Ok will get some VIT C too.. thanks sis..*hugs* lets keep going..insya'allah

Kak Dewi : insya'allah...Doa kan eh kak... *hugs*

blue said...

Salam sis,

Just blog-hopping around.

I'm not pregnant though, but i heard from another sister that she ate alot of durians during her pregnancy because ppl told her that durians can make the baby strong.Haha. Not sure if it's truly proven by doctors or mummies alike, but one thing for sure, her son is really very strong.

Allah knows best.

Take care, and may Allah grant you a smooth delivery on this one.amin.