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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whats In a Name ?

1. Im excited for the New Maternity Benefits that our PM have revealed during the National Day Rally. But when will it be implemented? I hope its immediate cos if its in 2009, than I might just miss out on it. I truly welcome the additional month of paid maternity leave. It will be good for mothers planning to breastfeed their babies.

2. We have decided to affectionately call Little Habib "Abang " and our second child "Adik ". Insya'allah. I did suggest " Akhi " and " Ukhti " but suggestion was rejected by hubby who thinks I may be going overboard with this whole speak Arabic thing.
In the first place, we are NOT Arabs, we are Indian/Malay mix.
Secondly, he prefers "Mak and Ayah" to "Ummi and Abah" but to my insistence, he relented. Thirdly, hubby thinks, our son is already lucky to get the title " Little Habib" because his Ummi ( yours truly ) has self proclaimed it in her blog shamelessly, when "Habib" are only reserved for men from the Ahli Bait Descendants... Hur hur hur....(sticks out tougue cheekily ..)

3. The name for the baby is seemingly confirm although it may be too early, and I have asked my dear hubby to see if he wants to find another name. ( gatal right ?) ...haha...
Yeah, this time it so easy, no fights as I am thankful so dont want to fight over the names.

Even before we knew the gender, we have said that if its a Boy, the name will have to be one of the Companions of the Prophet name to match our first born name. So its either Abu Bakar, Omar , Muadz, Bilal , Ali, Osman , Anas, Abdul Rahman, Hamzah etc.

If its a girl, now, this was the long discussion part but concluded easily. Hubby dismissed any fanciful modern and 2 names for her. ( boringlah my hubby tapi oklah, i half setuju, dia kata nanti write in exam paper very long anak kita terkial kial tulis...dramatic kan ?? )...

Meaning, my suggestion for Aishah Sofea, Nauratul Insyirah, Mira Edora, Wardina Sofea have all been rejected and there wont even be any consideration as Hubby wants a name which is short, only 1 name and most importantly, holds a high significant meaning in Islamic history. Period !

So as you can guess, it will be old school, either Aishah, Khadijah, Mariam , Fatimah , Asiyah etc. Hubby strongly wanted Hajar or Siti Hajar as if any of you know my hubby's name, it does sounds alike right ? The S and H are letters that start our names and Hajar is the wife of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) who ran between Safar Marwah 7 times in search of water for her son Prophet Ismail (a.s). But I disagree on this one since Hajar is the name of a pretty lady of caucasion look whom I once saw pouring her problems to hubby. Oh Grow up lah Naz.! ( Ok easy for you to say kan )... you weren't a newlywed fuming silently looking at them both! So obviously I dont want hubby to think of Hajar, so....it CANNOT be Hajar! Hee hee...

Anyway, hubby suggested another name. Nice, sweet, old school but it reminds us of good things Islamic wise, so to avoid Hubby suggesting Hajar again, I willingly agree to this name. Lagipun, when i look at the spelling, it really reminds me of Little Habib's name, so there is a connection between brother and sister.
So thats how its goes. Now I just have pray for a smooth 4 month and to have a smooth delivery and a healthy baby. Ameen !

To each its own, I say but for me, have to listen to the hubby lah, kasi face abit. Berkat. Hee3.. : ))
Girl or Boy, we already have a name. Alhamdullilah.


sriberry said...

Woww...the fun starts already..naming babies:))) we love one name too and for a girl i just love Khadijah..named after one of the best women in Islam.Enjoy choosing some more!hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hi ! the girl names that you chose are so nice. Want to try and convince your hubby to consider again ; )

anonymous reader.

Ummi's BLOG said...


Kak Sri : yeah the fun part is naming babies tapi no fun when couples cant reach an agreement ! hehe..as wives, kenalah beralah to hubby kan..nak nak hubby yang old fesyen...Khadijah is nice kak..nanti orang panggil JAH tak sedap arrrr..hehe.... tapi no doubt, Khadijah is a great Muslimah warrior.

Anonymous reader : LOL ! my cuz rei and pal Ummu Nabil told me the same thing too..well not when my hubby is rather strict on choosing names and he dosnt appreciate modern and long names... : )

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.,

JTS, there is a family whom all the women's name are taken from Rasulullah s.a.w family.

An Indian-Muslim man married a revert Filipino lady, named Khadijah. With Allah's grace, they have 3 daughters, named Aisyah, Fatimah and the last one I can't recall.

What is important, is what 's in a name, right?

Ummu MUkhtaar

Anonymous said...

Just to add, the third daughter's name is Zainab.

Oh yes, the best names to select, in my opinion, are those within the ahlul-bait, taking their barakah.

I hope that you will love the name that you and hubby have chosen.

Ummu Mukhtaar

Ummu Nabil said...

My other hot favourite old-school girl names are Fatin, Zulaikha & Balqis (yep, your auntie's name!) :D

You can also name or nickname your baby after me, if it's a girl. *coughcough* LOL...

Just kidding about the last part. Seriously.

Ihsan said...

How exciting! For my sis, memang the matchmaker dah choose nama so dun need to haggle. He gives only one name, after Imam Hanafi.

I like A'isyah, altho ppl tend to call them Aisya.

How about Rabiatul Adawiyah. Hehehe.

Ummi's BLOG said...


Ummu Mukhtaar : like i was discussing with Ummu Nabil, the old school names are nice with high meaning and dignity but its just orang Melayu kita that spoils it. And as you yourself have experience, our modern society dont accept old-school names well. Its all matters in one's iman, i guess.

Ummu Nabil : I love Balqis. I did suggest that to hubby also... NO GO! He only wants really old school names. Kenapa eh, kita yang carry child for 9mths and choice of names goes to hubby. Haiz...ingat ajer lah untuk berkat..after all between me and hubby, I feel his iman is way stronger.

Ihsan : Oh you mean Hb Esa gave the Name Hanafi? No offence sista, tapi I prefer Afif and Hanafi sounds old too. Takpelah, ambil berkat Imam Hanafi. Orang Alim give nama mesti ada Baraqah nyer. Will see the effects later in the childs life. I will see Hb Abbas to check if the name we chose is OK. Hopes he dosnt tell me to pick Hajar.
Hajar Hxxxx sounds too funny like Ramona Rahman and Najiba Najib ..hehe

haha...Rabiatul Adawiya...hubby kata panjang sangat.

norza said...

hehe...i juz discussed with someone on msn on the dilemma hes in because of some names that he and his wife dont agree upon for their firstborn.

he's like your hb too..prefers old skool and he did mention he read an article about a girl should be named only with a name. i have to ask him again where he got it from.

we have a shortlisted name list for our baby(ies) before Aisyah was born. and i have this logic that a short name will make life easier cos aisyah already knows how to spell her name. of course lah, we all can spell our names at some point or other. lol!

anyway good luck in the name-finding! :D

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Norza,

IMHO, I think many couples especially with religious hubbies will have this problems. The modern guys usually just agree with the wife choice. NO?

Actually 1 name only is an arab culture. Arabs dont even have Muhammad in their names. Just one name like Ali or Omar or Bilal. Thats it. No Muhammad. But Habib Salim Shatri frm Tareem ever says that for the 1st son, its best to put Muhammad or Ahmad in the name.

wah best u aready have a name. We are more or less confirm lah. Its hubbys choice..I aje gatal keep suggesting other names. Ultimately, I know lah, its his say. I dont want to go against him. hee..takut labour pains kena prolonged becos I tak dengar cakap suami. Hah.

the woman said...

Hehe, this is way cute. I meant your entry. :) Insya allah, hope the name you choose fits him/her.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks sis... : )

Anonymous said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr. wb.,

Further sharing...

Some 'ulama have formulas in deriving names. And a person name has 2. That was from my experience of both my kids.

1. Names for girls taken after the name of maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother and paternal great-grandmother.

2. Names for boys taken after the names of both parents.

Seek the 'aalim as they know better than us.

Wallahu a'lam bissawab.
Ummu Mukhtaar

Anonymous said...

Salam ummi,

hehehe...so cute and yes... i think i miss the fun of choosing a name for one's child :)

My 2nd doter name starts with Hajar, Hajar Rumaisha. Before I even conceive her I already know that if I have another doter I'm gonna name her after Siti Hajar and Rumaisha the mother of Anas bin Malik r.a.

Alhamdulillah, Allah fulfills my wish and I hope she will grow up as a muslimah.

So I'm all for the name Hajar ...hehehe *wink*

Anonymous said...

Just my 2 cents worth of thought. hehehe...

Whenit comes to naming babies I am so.... seram.
Thats why habibi and I didnt choose our son's name.

I agree with Ummu Mukhtar to seek the opinion of an 'aalim 1st, expecially a shaykh Insya ALLAH the name given will suit the baby. amin

Ummu Ahmad Dzul Faruq

Ummi's BLOG said...


Kak Banun : Hajar Rumaisha memang sedap, tapi my hubby nak Hajar aje, so its not that nice on its own u see...hehe..

Ummu Ahmad Dzul Faruq : I memang suka your son's name..pandai Shaykh Hisham pilih eh.. but the danger when para Alims pilih nama is nice or not nice, you have to take it...so for me, Id rather choose the name, then jumpa Habib to see if can or cannot..haha.. Iman I tak sekuat you lah..hehe..