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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The maid ran away this morning.

Mum has been instructed to Rest in Bed for 2 Weeks.

I am trying to do my best to help out, cleaning, ironing but with the 2 kids who need constant attention, sometimes, my hands are tied.

I could just CRY!!!!!


Hajar said...

Ehh??? Whatever made her run away???

Is there any other person that can offer you extra help? Try not to overexert yourself alright!

Hajira said...


Am sure this troubling times will make you a stronger person, insyallah. Meanwhile, don't be too hard on yourself. Take care sis and take one thing at a time.

Ummi's Blog said...

Oh i cud really use a HUG and extra pair of hands rite now...

sigh...she didnt want to stress my mum anymore and blamed herself (she's v blur) for my mum's illness...she wanted to go home, but I told her to wait till mum is better. I guess, she coudnt wait and wanted out immediately!!

My sis is helping too...so its me, my sis and sometimes my SIL.

Poor mum lay on the bed, helpless....

anyway, every family faces challenging times. Today, Im facing it with lottsa patience..insya'allah.

Sorter n Co. said...

Salam Ummi
Hang in there ya...glad that there are sisters to help..do what you can in your best ability,dua and..leave the rest to Allah s.w.t ok..things will be better in days to come after used to the new routine ok dik...you can,insya'Allah.*hugs*

the woman said...