I begin with - Al fateha

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today I've learnt a very valuable lesson,
Today I also feel like Ive lost someone close to me.
I seek forgiveness from GOD, cos I am only human,
I tend to be very emotional when I am angry.
I dont understand why I cannot be patient when I know patience is the key to solving problems.

I miss being close to my fellow muslimah friends.
I dont have time for them, cos I am always with my kids.
Adik, at 4 months, just dont want anybody else to carry her.
Tonight, I spent some time reading their blogs.
Oh how I pray that I can be like them.
I miss so many people who are close to Allah (swt).

I cannot stand being around people who only think of worldly things.
I cannot stand people who are blinded by their own Nafs.
I cannot stand people who are so full of themself.
I cannot stand people who back bite and betray.
I cannot stand people who gossip.
I cannot stand people who mis-interpret my intentions.

I ALSO cannot stand myself sometimes.

P/S Masya'allah, Kak Rina.. your post here is sooo similar to what I feel now. Yes, I talk too much, I involved too much, and I learnt my lesson. And I never intended to make the issue big. May Allah (swt) forgive me.

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