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Sunday, April 12, 2009

They Make me Happy !!

Hubby and me turned 4 last week, and he brought me out for High Tea at Carousel while Mak took care of the kids.
It was so romantic just sharing coffee and ice-cream with hubby without the kids to worry about.

I love my hubby so much. He's working hard now that he is the sole bread winner.
He even entertained the idea of me becoming a housewife, of which I told him I am not ready yet, but will leave it for Allah (swt) to decide for me.
He has taken a big responsibility, and I am so proud to have him as my hubby. Alhamdullilah.
May our marriage last till enternity.

I love my kids so much,
They genuinely give me happiness.
Adik has turned 4 months and is now sticking to me like glue. She cries when anyone else carry her. Oh oh, how is Ummi going to start work if the time comes?

Abang is becoming a very sweet boy, yes still active and misbehaving, but he can be sooo sweet sometimes. I never fail to kiss and hug him when he shows me good behaviour.

My life now should only be concentrated on them. Hubby kept telling me, don't concern myself in people's affairs, and just concentrate on bringing up our kids.
Hubby is right.
Big lesson learnt. Its ok if people dont consider my feelings. I know Allah (swt) is with those who are daunted.


Alina said...

Hello...nice blog

nor said...

salaam ,

congrats on yr anniversary...alhamdulillah.

May Allah blessed you and family.


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

Alhamdulillah on your 4th year. ^^ May your days together be blissful forever. ^^

lycc said...

adik is so cute n fairer now!! no longer the copier of yasir n hijaz!! hee hee

Sorter n Co. said...

Congratulations and may Allah bless you both with much happiness here and hereafter..amin.Take care Ummi...hugs the babes:)


ummu nabil said...

Ahhh.. you kids resemble each other so much! Very much like your hubby, hor? Hehehe...

Congrats on your 4-year anniversary! Lupa nk wish you even tho you told me just the day before the date through sms. Macam anak sepuluh gitu eh??

Romanticnyaaa.. Simple things in life, like one hour alone without the kids can be more precious than blings, no? ;)

May you guys be together always, now and Hereafter!

the woman said...

Masya allah, I can't resist baby girls.. she's adorable.

Good that you spent some time for yourself alone with your husband. Have a break once a while.. if Allah wills yea? :)

hug. tc.

Ummi's Blog said...


Alina: Thanks..

Sis Nor: Thanks Sis..I still read yr blog u know.. : )

Hajar: Amiin!

LYCC: her looks change now and then. When she just woke up from sleep, she will look like her brother.

Ksri: Thanks my dear kak sri..miss u!

Ummu Nabil: yupz tapi Adik is a hybrid between me and my hub. Abang looks totally like my hub. Thanks for the wishes. yes, v simple and romantic, dont need no blings or COACH bags to make me happy I guess... : )

The woman: Yes, baby girls are simply sweet! Yes, i guess as mothers, sometimes we need to have a break from the kids to recharge and feel appreciated. *hugs*