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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ALLAH will never leave you.

I just had to cut and paste this on my blog.
Written by X.
Whoever X is, he/she had touch my heart.
These are advise for my friend, ( yes you are still my friend no matter what),
but somehow, I feel that its useful for me as well...

" The innermost recesses of your heart must be containing that aweful longing and feeling of extreme unworthiness in yourself...
n automatically you see others the faults you see in yourself..
because others are mirrors for you.

It is true..everybody is full of faults..its only Allah who dresses them with beauty..in different degrees for different people..
He is As-sattar veiling the ugliness of our true selves (for those who's egos are still riding them) Unfortunately very very very few have defeated their egos.
Despite the true ugliness of a huge portion of mankind, Allah still loves and forgives many..and even make them look oh so good in the eyes of others.
Such is the manifestation of His Mercy.

Ignore what others say.if they make you feel worse.
For if it is heaven sent, everything they said will have made u feel more loved by Allah..
not more hated or more hopeless..

Read the ayat 49 of al'araf. Then you will never care what people say abt u.

Read 165 of Al-An'am. Then indeed you will see the truth in your observations...that indeed even perceived high ranks in His Presence, is a test in itself.

In the end our goal is simple.
To love Him.
And boil ourselves down to zero...
Such that Allah becomes the only Living Real Essence.

And about loving Allah...He did say..in khabar Qudsi"O children of Adam, I love you through my utter commitment to you, You can love Me also through my utter Commitment to you."

So you see, He will never never never ever leave you.
Woe to anybody who paints you like a hell dweller or themselves as heaven dwellers..
For none of us are sitting on the Arsh deciding who goes to hell or heaven.


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