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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Semi Solids@4 months

Apple and Banana Puree
At 4 months, my little princess is ready for semi-solids
so I home made some apple-banana purees for her.
So far, Alhamdullilah, she is taking it rather well, a few spoonfuls each time....
no preservatives, just natural nutrients and a whole lotta love from Ummi! ; )


Hajar said...

Is it a wonder why the little angel is not letting go of your apron strings? :) Good stuff there sis.

Ummu Nabil said...

Whee! Hooray for purees! :D

Bananas tend to darken after peeling, so I avoided using that until my tot could chew. They're not the best fruits for freezing either. Best to mash them up on the spot to be consumed immediately :)

Ummi's Blog said...


Hajar: Yeah she is like a Koala to me. Now we know why lah, and of cos she loves the smell of stale milk thats has been stuck to me since the day she was born! Heee....

Ummu Nabil: Ah okie thanks for that..I just happen to have banana at home, so put abit in, but will take yr advise..Thanks babe!