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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Habib Umar 2009

SimplyIslam.sg has released the office schedule for Habib Umar Bin Hafiz's visit to our dear country for year 2009.

I must say I miss Habib Umar so so sooooo much, and I am a tad bit disappointed that his stay here this year is rather short. He will be flying of to Australia after Singapore.

Seriously, I dont know If I can attend any of the majlis with adik in my arms and Abang who still cant sit still in the mosque.

The hubster will Insya'allah go for the lectures. Hubby's schedule was pack the last few days and will be too the next few days cos its the seasons of Hauls and Maulids and Briyani Dam.

Last week was the Haul at Maqam Habib Noh where he carpooled with his Masjid Abdul Razak gang. ( good idea since parking is usually a hassel ). Sheykh Riduan was there singing qashidah. Dang, I missed it!

Today, there is a Maulid at Masjid Khalid, where Habib Abbas Alsagoff will Insya'allah attend.

Thursday will be the massive Haul At Masjid Ba'alwie. Hubby will be on half day leave, Insya'allah.

This Saturday, there will be some lectures at Masjid Abdul Razak after Zohor and
Sunday, at the same mosque, 10am, the 12 year Haul of Shaykh Omar Alkhatib ( only for Men ).

So, tis the seasons for lots of blessings, remembrance of our past Alims and where Ulama's from Singapore and around the world will gather, singing qashidah and spread pearls of Wisdom.

Though, I dont know if I can even attend any this year, I reminded hubby to make doa for me, the kids and for our dreams and future. Usually, before he leaves for the majlis, I will remind him a list of doas to make. Heh...

Insya'allah, Hubby represents my family. Me, I guess...I will look after the kids and just pray that where they are bigger, we can all go as a family.


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