I begin with - Al fateha

Monday, March 23, 2009

I want to move on...
But I do not know how to let go
I miss everyone of them,
and Im sure they miss me
And like 1 cruel joke,
we have been made to separate...
Im keeping it all inside,
and Im only telling you bloggy,
that If I had a choice,
I would have treasured all of them even more
I miss my pals, my confidante and that mosque that I used to frequent every lunch break
If only you knew...


nor said...

salaam ummi,

hope things are well.

whatever it is, take one step at a time.....look at positive side of whatever that happend.

life has to go on ............

cheer up ! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep on trying to find job. When u found one dun ever mentioned about quitting, no matter how difficult it is and keep on working as long as you can. There are many examplary working mothers out there who worked hard..biar susah dahulu senang kemudian..

Kak Mas,

Siti said...

Life is full of ups and down..u will bounce back sis.. : )