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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally, I know what its like to be a stay-at-home-mum....

Noticed some Positive as well as Negative impacts happening to me.

I'm trying to be good....
I pray I can suppress my inner demons and not let those fair-weather-evil-hearted-proud-stuck ups people get to me.
I'm praying I can remain patient and be on the right path.
I pray that this 'small scale' so called 'poverty' wont ever engulf me and deviate my faith.

Ive noticed myself being ever more protective of my hubby and kids and snapping back at any unwanted comments.
This isn't the me whom I wanna be.

I want to be at ease at what God has planned for me and just do my best to be a better mother, wife, daughter and friend.

Sometimes God gives us tests because he wants to see how far our patience can be stretched and how much Iman we have inside us.
Its such times I must remember what I have learnt in those majlis Ilmu which I used to attend back in my younger days and put it to practise.

I thank Allah (swt) for giving me the guidance in moments of weakness.

Adik being looked after the girls at the mosque while I take a breather.

Coudnt resist some online shopping for those cute baby girls accessories...alas, the headband was too big for her, so have to wait for a few more months before it can fit well on her.

Abang and Adik sharing a bed at Dada's new house.

Now that Im not working, I can bring Abang to the nearby mosque to solat Dhuha. We did that last week, and had fun spending 'Ummi and son' quality time.

Also, I have time to go through some Montessori lessons with him.

Abang was so happy to see the Merlion live yesterday. It was his first time at the esplanade...many more times to come Insya'allah.... : )


Hajar said...

Assalamualaikum sis,

Acknowledging the negative impacts you contain within you is the fundamental step in improving oneself. I'm sure God has ordained wonderful things for you, in which spending time with the little angels is itself a wondrous task. Stay strong in your faith sis. :)

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi,

What you are feeling/s is indeed the instinct and duties of being a housewife and mother, "being ever more protective of my hubby and kids and snapping back at any unwanted comments". In fact Islam teaches us to protect our household first each time our husbands are out "bergelut dengan dunia luar." Insya Allah with this kind of state, Allah will protect us more against any evil and fitnah. Allah indeed makes a stay home mother and wife stronger in their qualities.

May Allah rewards you of the sacrifices in the Hereafter.
Ameen, ameen, ya Rabbal 'aalameen.

Ummu Mukhtaar

Anonymous said...

i know you are having a difficult time of staying at home. but frankly, i wish i can be a sahm cos i so very wish to spend all the time that i can with my kids instead of leaving them to the maids and you know lah how maids are when left unattended.. but i also know how bad economy is hence the need for work at least for now.. but dun weri im sure Allah knows what is best.. will doa for you dear.. take care..

Quick It Girl. said...

Assalam Alaikum, Ummi
This is my first time on your blog and I absolutely adore you cute little babies. Awwwww, their so...amazing! I love babies.

Ummi's Blog said...


Hajar : Thanks sis for encouraging..at times all I ask for is the gift of patience...

Ummu Mukhtaar : Ameen sis to yr doa..Indeed being a SAHM is a big sacrifice and not an easy task at all. The whole world seems to be on your shoulder sometimes. Kudos to all women in our shoes.. Hah...

ID : Yes...with this kind of economy and the life that we want for our family and kids, I guess going out to work will be best..Im still not giving up on my job hunt.. ! Thanks for yr kind words..May Allah bless u more than what u have now.. I saw those HKG Disneyland Pics...Yr Sooooo Lucky!

Quick It Girl : Thanks sweetie!

ummu nabil said...

Welcome to the Desperate Housewives Club. Hehehe.. Membership's free! ;)

Ummi's Blog said...

wuuh Desperate Housewives Club! I like that!!! hah....