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Monday, February 2, 2009


Alhamdullilah, as Allah (swt) has planned for me, I managed to be at Madrasah Khairiah for the talk by Habib Salim As-syateri from Hardramaut Yemen....with Little Adik in tow.

Met many good friends and farmiliar faces and all were excited to meet Adik for the first time.

And Alhamdullilah, Hubby managed to carry Adik who was sleeping the whole time to meet Habib Salim and to get some doa for her. Habib did so and he waved his blessed hands around her heart many times, hubby said.

I'm thankful cos I didn't expect to be there for the talk but it was a last minute decision to drop by there after Isyak Prayers.

The other day, someone told me point blank that Little Habib has gotten many doas from these Alim Ulama's yet he is still very naughty...so whats the point for bringing him to the masjids and also to get doa from orang orang Alim...

You know, I hate it when people say such things....as if they dont know the blessings it has.

Well, I'm still doing it for Adik no less, and I have no regrets bringing my kids to meet these Alims simply because I feel that these acts if done solely for the sake of Allah (swt) will have good repercussions and effects, if not in this lifetime, I will see it in Akhirat. Insya'allah.

I feel that eventhough my son is naughty and sometimes stubborn now, he will grow up to be a good person, a solehin partly because he has received many doas from these Alims and Wali Allah and it will help in shaping his character in future...

so no words of discouragement can bring me down because as we all know, when these Alims make doa, there is a high chance Allah (swt) will grant their prayers.. Amiin...


Soooo Ive Been tagged... and I sooo have no time to do this tag but since I was tagged by my "Favourite" Blogger, I feel I should respect her by at least doing it..lah...hah....

If you've been tagged you have to add one more favorite thing to the end of the list:

Favourite colour: Purple... Its more interesting than Blue

Favourite perfume(guys): Fahrenheit by Christian Dior... ooohh I can melt if a guy is wearing this..hah.

Favourite perfume (girls): Pleasure by Estee Lauder

Favourite pj brand: hmm....I don't go for brands when it comes to Pjs

Favourite clothes brand in general: Anything Feminine will do....

Favourite person in the entire world: My Mum....she's the best!!

Favourite country: Errr... just thankful I'm living in Singapore.

Favourite car: Honda Fit... that's our ride now. Small and sporty.

Favourite sport: Netball....used to play it in school.

Favourite sport player : not really into sports actually.

Favourite spot in America: Hmm...

Favourite animal: Ive always found Panda Bears super cute...

Favourite movie: The Star Wars series..I likened Yoda to a Sufi Master.

Favourite singer: Yusof Islam ... go hear Peace Train.

Favourite day in the week: Friday!!

Favourite time of the day: Morning.... I wake up early and sleep early too.

Favourite holiday season: December period.. The month of Bonuses and No exams..

Favourite number: 7

Favourite food: Kebabs...and any dish with lottsa veggies..

Favourite chocolate: Cadbury Roast Almonds

Favourite cartoon: Smurfs and Carebears ... those type are long gone..

Favourite blogger: Currently Hajar. She should be a book writer. Used to be Ummu Nabil and Ihsan but these bloggers have hmm retired?

Favourite Flavour Ice Cream: Chocolate or anything with Chocolate..like Oreos or Choc Chips.

Favourite Mobile Brand: Im so 'turtle under a shell'..I have only used Nokia all my life : ((

Favourite name: Muhammad.

Favourite hobby: spending alone time in any Mosque Prayer Hall while wating for the next prayer call.

Favorite room in my house: My bedroom

Favourite Fruit: Starfruit

Favourite fictional book: My Enid Blyton collection.

Favourite flower: Daisies

And I add :: Favourite Place in the whole world : Has to be Masjid Nabawi.. the serenity I found there is amazing.

Im not tagging anyone... but feel free to do it if u want : )


Anonymous said...

Dear fren,
No one in this world can teach us how to teach/guide our own very children. They have their style. But we have our OWN UNIQUE way.. Just like you and me.
1B :)

Ummi's Blog said...


Anonymous : High 5! I mean I love to listen to advise but not uncontructive-good-for-nothing comments!

Anonymous said...

Hello my fren, ignore what others say...your maternal heart will guide the children to the true path. I remember my arwah dad always bring my brothers when they are younger to be doaed by the alim ulamaks when they were in town. Dont estimate the power of doa k. Take care

Adikbongsu said...

hehe...budak kalo tak nakal tu bukan budak namanya...:)

jgn hiraukan apa kata mereka...yg penting apa kata hati kita ...

btw kalo ada masa do share intipati syarahan dari habib k :)

ummu nabil said...

Yoohoo! *waves* Me not retired yet!! LOL..

Just dilanda kemalasan sekejap. Dah tak malas sangat skarang. Hehe ;)

Btw, the effects of the du'as won't kick in immediately. Perhaps they will manifest in the near future. This is a phase lah dear. Most of the kids will tone down after four or five. So sabar-sabar lah (coming from an impatient creature like me. so hy-po-criti-cal) besarkan anak. And you have to be firm with co-caregivers too. YOU call the shots. YOU set the limits. YOU are the parent, the mother, no less. Draw the line, and abide by that line. It's not easy, especially when dealing with indulgent grandparents. But it has to be done. In the long run, you will be the one dealing with the repercussions of a misguided childhood.

Ok. Syarahan kedai kopi dah habis.

ps: I wanna see Adik too! :D

Hajar said...


That's precisely the spirit sis! As long as we think and feel it's the right thing to do, why bother others? In the end, Allah S.W.T knows best. ^

Tags:: Ooohhh ... iz that ... me?! Waa~hey! Masha'Allah, thanks for picking lil me as ur fav. blogger. :) And I used to have a crush on Yoda. :P


Ummi's Blog said...


Kak Banun : thanks for ur advise.. ok insya'allah if i can still remember..hee..

Ummu Nabil : *waves back* thanks hor for the syarahan.. yupz, i realise now its nature and not nurture and yar, he is getting better.. as for the grandparents thingy.. aiyah that one abit sensitip ah.. u know lah working mother, depends on the parents to take care of the kids bla bla bla...so really its like pulling the thread from the flour kindda thing...hee.

Hajar : Thanks sis for the encouragement.. : ) oh Yoda..u know i use to have am exotic persian cat who looked just like yoda..hah....cute!