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Saturday, October 11, 2008


Turns out, we decided not to end our EID celebration and we did go visiting after all. I guess Silaturahim is important. I can see from our relatives face that they are happy to see us and Little Habib. People are so bz these days that they only meet up once a year during Shawal. Over the last few days, we have managed to visit some Alims, and most of our elderly relatives.

Because I am easily tired at this stage of pregnancy, and alot of walking and little rest makes me breathless, we decided to cover 1 house per weekday night after dinner if I dont have laundry to do.
Over the weekends, we try to cover at least 3-4 houses, the important ones first.

Tomorrow, Insya'allah, we will visit Ustaz Hasan, my kakak sedara and family, and then to my aunts open house. I wish to rest early cos its work on Monday....

Actually, visiting relatives and close friends should not be confined only to the month of Shawal. Hubby and me thinks that whenever we are free, whichever month it is, we can always drop by our relatives or close friend's house for silaturahim and also to catch up. Why should it only be during EID that we do visiting right?

Habib Abbas putting his palms on hubby's head while reading doa during our Visit to his home at Marshall Rd.

Ustaz Iqbal chatting with " Pak Bechok aka Little Habib " at his home at Bedok Reservoir.

Little Habib intracting with his cousins while being fascinated with PSP.

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