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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our 2 day 1 night holiday

Alhamdullilah, we just got back from a little getaway....

We went somewhere near, since I dont think I can leave the country being this preggy rite?... Its been years since Hubby and me visited the island of Sentosa!...So much have changed!

Well, Main reason for this trip was more of us wanting to spend some quality time with Little Habib before his adik comes in December, Insya'Allah.

Had loads of fun entertaining this excited little toddler of ours, but due to my heavy tummy, we couldnt do alot of walking. Thank God, the beach trams covered most of places we wanted to go.

Hubby decided that we drive into Sentosa and park the car at the hotel, so convenient! Now can drive in, No need to take ferry..wooh!

We checked in at Siloso Beach Resort around 2pm and was pleasantly surprised that our booking was given a complimentary upgrade to a Deluxe Seafacing room on level 7. Actually, I booked for a Superior Room but requested for either Pool or Sea view.

The hotel is right in front of Cafe Del Mar.

The room was really nice, had a good view of the ships which really entertained our boy. The bathroom had a separate bathtub and shower area, and a open view of the room, so Little Habib was really bemused when he could see his Abah taking a shower from the outside.

Bed, pillows and amenities of room was good... I recommend this hotel out of all the others in Sentosa because the location is really good, right in from of Siloso Beach, not too far in and not really in a secluded area. Good for families with kids.

The front of our room faced the swimming pool and waterfall. Been telling our little toddler about this trip 2 weeks in advance to hype things up abit.

After checking in, washing up and praying Zohor, we brought the excited boy to the Underwater World! Gosh that place was soo crowded with tourist... on a weekday. Saw many big Fishes and we explained to Little Habib that all these are creations of Allah (swt).... Subahan'Allah..even I was amazed at how big fishes and crabs can get.

After that, we took the Red Line Bus to the Dolphine Lagoon, made it for the last show at 5.30pm. I was tired by then and Little Habib was really more interested in eating the fries that we bought for him. Hubby was the excited one as he loves dolphines ! errrmmm...deprived childhood ? :p

At night after dinner, ( only place Halal near the hotel was Delifrance and Coffee Bean ), we went for the 8.40 show Songs of the Sea. Little Habib loved this one... He couldnt wait for the show to start! It was a combination of Musical Fountain, laser and fire displays and at the finale, there were mini fireworks !! Little Habib loves fireworks !!, that was the first word he uttered to me when he woke up the next day...."fireworks?!"...HAHA.. I must admit, we really enjoyed this show.

Next morning after having breakfast at the hotel, we took a leisurely stroll at Siloso Beach which was just infront of the restaurant. Best, dah lama tak jalan jalan kat beach. Sometimes when life gets a little bit tough, it does not hurt to take a break.

We soaked our feet in the clear water and stared carelessly at the horizons..... felt so good not having to think about any worries at that moment. The brain needs a break!

Then we changed into swimming gear and hit the pool ! Georgeous...we loved the waterfall. Too bad Little Habib 'wayang' only.. when we reached the pool, and he knew we were about to put him in the water, he chicken-ed out! But we still force him in the water anyway... hee hee...

The slide which I didnt get to take cos I was afraid I might bump my hips and hurt the baby...Hubby loved it!

Before going back, Hubby and Little Habib 'jalan jalan' and explored the rooftop garden on the top level of the hotel. Nice view of the ships there.

Checked out exactly at 12 noon, cos wat da ya know, I was hit by a terrible Heart burn again ! must be due from the full breakfast.
Well the swimming exhausted our son, he looked sleepy and went in and out of sleep the whole day.

To end of our 'holiday time' with our boy, we went to Masjid Mydin to pray Isyak.

This trip also calmed down my emotional harmones which I have been getting lately. Thank You, Allah.... for giving us some relaxing time. To see my son happy is a blessing.

Now, next thing I shall concentrate on is cleaning up the baby's wardrobe, getting ready the crib, buying the pram and other stuff which I have not buy yet and more quran reading and spiritual upgrade cos even as lazy and tired as I am, I also want to pass on good influence to the baby. Need...to ...put ...in ...a ...little... effort ...Insya'Allah.


Hajar said...


Pulau Sentosa? Haven't been there for almost 1 1/2 decades! *gosh, I sound old!* Haha~ Glad you enjoyed your escapade. :)


Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Hajar,

Do u know that this island was called Pulau Belakang Mati too? eeeks... hee..yeah enjoyed, now its back to work and getting ready for the future of being a mother of 2. insya'allah...

ksri said...

Happy to know you all had a great time and well deserved break!Thanks for the promo..baru tuari ksri n husband talked abt the coming hol..take a short a getaway to sentosa..insyaAllah...i like the little slide at the pool!

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Ksri,

Yar im sure your boys will like it. The beach there v clean and now have shower areas and proper toilets. I pun nak gi lagi if possible lah. hee.

Rates for the hotel during nov/dec is a little steep actually. Better to go non peak period. Tapi susah jugak cos yr kids dah schooling eh.