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Friday, October 17, 2008

AIF ~ 3rd Trimester and Hauls

Alhamdullilah, Its Friday...

Alhamdullilah also, I am in my 3rd Trimester stage of the pregnancy.
Can you believe it, I am in my 30th week. Soon, it will be 34 weeks, than 35 then 36 and than its the Final Countdown ( final countdown music playing in my ears right now ..heh ).... Insya'Allah. Maternity leave, God Willing, will start 01 Dec 08. I have some annual leave to clear first.

Still praying hard during my prayers to deliver a healthy baby au natural way without epidural or cesarian and will only depend on the "laughing gas"..... breaths deeply and then go totally high, yet I can still remember the pain the 1st time round. Oh how exciting !
Anyway, we can only plan these things. What actually happens on d day itself is beyong our control and totally up to the Al-Mighty Allah (swt). We can only ask. HE determines.

Started off today with a hearty Prata breakfast with hubby and Little Habib. My son loves Cheese Telor Prata with Teh Tarik.... following much of his Abah's influence.

Feeling chirpy....My sis health is getting better. We really tawassul on air doa Habib Abbas and my mum woke up to do Qiamulail for a few nights....doa ibu penting kan.

Insya'Allah will be getting some baby stuff later. I might just get a new Medela Pump cos there is a promotion on it, Medela has bottles which are BPA free. I also need to get long sleeves Pyjamas which have buttons in front to wear at the hospital in case there are visitors, this time, I am prepared to cover my hair at the hospital cos Ive bought those mini dakwahs which I can just slip it on my head. The other time, I was not prepared, short sleeve pyjamas and all and hubby's friends came visiting one by one. Hmm.

Time for Hauls.....

Insya'allah, hope I can make it for our all time favourite Ustaz, Almarhum Syed Abdillah Ahmad Aljufri. He has influenced hubby greatly, and lies a special place in our hearts. If you speak to my hubby about Islam and its faith, the words that flows out are much of what he learnt from his late Ustaz. Hubby is very much a Tasawwuf man, while I am a Syariah woman. Opposites !Thats why we often clash in our views and he is trying very hard to change me. Hah.

Wont be travelling up to KL to attend Haul of Imam Abdullah Al Haddad. I wish I could, but 7 mths preggy with an active toddler, I dont think I can. I pray, Insya'allah one day, Hubby, me , Little Habib and his adik can travel up together and stay at Sucasa and attend this haul as a family. Insya'Allah. I told hubby to go with his friends, but I know hubby is a little uncomfortable to travel without me around. Who'd take care of his clothes? :o

1. MAULIDURRASUL SAW & HAUL AKBAR @ Masjid Darussalam, 3002 Commonwealth Ave West, Sunday, 19 October 08, 8am. If Im not mistaken, its the haul of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani.

2. HAUL Almarhum USTAZ SYED ABDILLAH ALJUFRI at Masjid Sultan, Saturday, 25 October, after Asar.

3. MAULIDURRASUL SAW & HAUL SAYYIDATUNA KHODIJAH rha At Masjid Hj Muhd Salleh, Palmer Road,Sunday, 2 November 08, 8am.

4. Event : Haul of Imam 'Abdallah Al-Haddad
What: Group Trip
Host: SimplyIslam.sg
Start Time: Saturday, November 1 at 7:00am
End Time: Sunday, November 2 at 10:00pm
Where: Masjid Baitul Aman, Sucasa Apartments, Kuala Lumpur

Allahumma salli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa 'ala ali Sayyidina Muhammad

Innallàha wa malâikatahû yusallûna 'alan-nabiyy, ayyuhalladhîna âmanû sallû alayhi wa sallimû taslîmâ. (Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.) 33:56


adikbongsu said...

Salam sis,

you make me feel excited to see the newborn...hehehe

all the best!!! *hugs*

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Sis,

hmm I pun macam dah excited..macam mana tah rupa dia eh ?
Thanks.. *hugs*

Damansarian said...

A new visitor is coming to Kuala Lumpur, thanks to you. A new Malaysian will be born to us in Kuala Lumpur. Its a Blessing from God. You must be very excited. You must be really waiting for the day, unto us a baby will be born. My question is, Have you decided on the name? :)
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