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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Habaibs we love.

Alhamdullilah, Another Ulama' Masyur from Tariim is in here in our country.

Al Alim Al-Allamah Habib Salim Asy-Syathiri, Mudir of Rubat Tarim, Hadramawt arrived in Singapore yesterday.

Ceramah Schedules :

23 Oct 08 11.30am - Makam Habib Noh
23 Oct 08 7.pm - Masjid Ba'Alwi
24 Oct 08 12 noon - Masjid Sultan
25 Oct 08 5 pm - Masjid Sultan ( Haul Almarhum Ustaz Abdillah )
27 Oct 08 8 pm - Masjid An Nahdah

All are welcome.

Hubby and me saw this poster of our beloved Ustaz at Masjid Mydin. I pointed to Little Habib that Almarhum was Ummi and Abah's Ustaz and we havent found an Ustaz as calming, humble and clear as him after Almarhum passed away.
Indeed Almarhum was a gem to our country's community.
Im sure many will agree.

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