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Friday, October 24, 2008

AIF ! ...Emo Mummy again.

"Ummi... Nak Mukhtaar truck ..."

Alhamdullilah, Its Friday!

Maybe..... I might close this blog once I have given birth ( Insya'Allah ) this December. Will reckon I wont have time to blog anyway since I will be busy trying to get use to life with 2 kids and balancing my time between a baby and a toddler.

Actually, been thinking about this 'quit blogging' thing for awhile.
Though I love blogging, sharing my feelings and emotional turmoils, encouraging mummies out there about the need to take spiritual and religious upbringing of their kids seriously, spreading knowledge of Alim Ulama's visits and stories, it dawned on me of how many readers actually think I am genuine.
U see, at first, I blogged for my own self.. like a therapy. Then when I found out I had readers through emails etc, I wrote still for my own self, but also a part of me wrote to encourage others.

I read in another blog just now that says 'some people only want to show off who they studied and learnt with', and although it was never my intention, I may have put such impressions across. May Allah (swt) forgive me if I was ever that sort, I am only human. I like to encourage and be encouraged.

2 years of blogging is not bad for a once novice blogger like me huh. Should I move on? Maybe I should just revert to my journal where only Allah (swt) knows its contents.

Hmm... that aside, I am worried for my future. Career wise that is.
There is an economic turmoil happening and though I have been enjoying myself in this company, I do not how long I can enjoy the work here. We are migrating to a new system, and the future seems uncertain. Headcount have been stopped and a few people have talked about resigning. I am worried.

Hubby advise me this morning to Tawakkal and Yaqin that Allah (swt) will help. Syaitan is always playing with our minds. Syaitan makes us doubt the capabilities and kindness of Allah (swt). So when we are in doubt, what happens ? The doubts will happen.

.......I looked at her picture just now. She motivates me to be a better wife. Hubby is impressed by her at one point. So cheerful and cute. Maybe I should put her face on my desktop to motivate me? I can become such a grouch sometimes. Men don't like that huh. Especially men like my hubby who expects the wife to be "perfect and submissive" all the time.

--------Adik has been rather active in my tummy. At times, I feel she is practising martial arts in there.
Little Habib is already expecting an adik. He points to my tummy and say "Adik inside here" and kiss my tummy. Awwww...... so sweet kannnn...

I just love it when siblings can get along. I promised Little Habib that Adik will give him a helicopter toy when she comes in this world. He is so excited. He just loves mechanical gadgets like trucks and helicopters.
Oh yar, we lost babut ( his smelly pillow )... emotionally scarring I tell ya, both for him and me! I miss his Babut.... gosh..... poor baby.

..........Another PH this Monday. Alhamdullilah.... I wanna go buy my son a big truck and a helicopter at Toys R Us and I wanna go buy Adik a Pram at Baby Hypermart, and I wanna start being a sweet wife all over again.
Insya'Allah. ; )

Allahumma salli 'ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa 'ala ali Sayyidina Muhammad

Innallàha wa malâikatahû yusallûna 'alan-nabiyy, yâ ayyuhalladhîna âmanû sallû alayhi wa sallimû taslîmâ. (Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.) 33:56


Ihsan said...

Salaam...the comment was never directed at you...hehe. You are a nice person and it's an honour to know you. Too bad you will stop blogging, that will be one less writer when the habibs come and I am not there to listen to the habibs.

Toys'R'Us is Seriously over-charging for all those toys!!!

Anyway, hope every goes smoothly for you from here.

Ummi's Blog said...


hee hee, eh no lah, u know lah me now 'emo' sey... has been thinking abt it for awhile now ...its the time factor lah, dunno if have time to maintain this blog.

anyway not cfmn yet..lets see if i can cope with handling 2 kids. not so easy lah parting with this blog.

yar, do doa for me k... lots of uncertainties now.

the woman said...

Oh Ummi.. just let it be okay? Take one day at a time. Like your hubby said, tawakkal and yakin.. you can apply it to blogging too :)

Smile, and have a happy weekend.

Take good care.

Ummi's Blog said...

Insya'allah Sis, I will tawakkal and Yaqin that what ever happens is for the best,
No doubt I am scared, we still have some loans to pay and the kids are still small.

Ya Razak Ya Razak Ya Razak....


ukhti27 said...

BismiLlah wal HamduliLlah...
As-Salamu`alaika wa RahmatuLlah ya Habibati, salam penghulu segala hari : )

Al HamduliLlah, setelah membaca beberapa posting anti, yang teramat penting adalah anti dan bayi dalam keadaan selamat. Dan lahir nya bayi dalam keadaan sihat dan sempurna. Insya`ALLAH kita turut mendoakan : )

Teruskan dalam kebaikan ini lilLahi Ta`ala dengan istiqamah ya Habibati. Tentang posting peribadi yang memerlukan kekata kunci untuk membaca nya, selain wordpress.com, hadithuna.com juga ada menyediakan kemudahan seperti itu.

Jika tidak anti yang me'mosting', abi nya habib juga bisa. Apa sahja yang bermanfaat kepada ummah walaupun sebaris dua perkataan tetap akan ada ganjaran disisiNYA ALLAH `Azzawajalla : )

`Ala kulli hal, ini sekadar cadangan hamba yang hina, bisa diterima, bisa juga tidak. Ia terpulang kepada niat serta diri mu ya Habibati.

Afwan, ampun dan maaf seandai nya ada kalam bicara hamba yang tidak berkenan dihati anti. Semoga anti sekeluarga senantiasa berada dibawah Naungan Taufiq, Hidayah, `Inayah dan MaghfirahNYA ALLAH `Azzawajalla. Amiin ALLAHumma amiin.

Kejayaan semanis madu, memerlukan pengorbanan sepahit hempedu.

Fi amaniLlah wALLAHu a`lam bisawab.