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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meeting with the Habib

We didnt manage to find the exact truck that Little Mucktaar has, but we bought him a smaller kind of truck which he likes anyway. There were many choices of trucks and bulldozers at the toy store, eventually Little Habib picked the backhoe.

We also bought him a flying UFO, and a helicopter.... He'll only get the helicopter when adik is born. Lets just say, we're gonna say its from his adik to him. Yeah, lets hope he falls for it and loves his adik even more.. hee hee hee..

I guess this will do... have been explaining to him that once adik comes, Ummi might get busy. He is really attached to me these days. I cant even explain the bond we share now that adik is coming. It is so so close...I better treasure these precious moments before my son grows up and begin needing less of me....

Yesterday, We managed to reach Masjid Sultan around 5.30 for the Haul. At that time, Habib Salim Asy-Shateri was already in the middle of his ceramah. He told us many stories about Almarhum Ustaz Abdillah.

After the talk, there were some Qashidahs and another Habib also gave a talk. He reminded us to take parenting seriously especially, how we bring us our children the Islamic way. He reminded us to dress our children the Islamic way...covering their aurats even at an early age.

We prayed Magrib, had Briyani Dam served at the mosque, mingled abit with our friends, met some of the Habibs there but didnt managed to salam Habib Salim as he was rushing to Masjid Darul Aman for another talk. We had Teh-tarik, went back to Masjid Sultan for Solat Isyak, then drove off to Masjid Darul Aman. This car is really a blessing to us.

I wonder why this year, the programmes were not made public in a proper way. I didnt even know that there was gonna be a talk at Masjid Darul Aman until they announced it at Masjid Sultan. I did hear some negative stuff about the whole planning of it from some people. Wallah'hualam.

We met Habib Albanjari who had called me earlier to ask about my son. He wanted to meet Little Habib and see how he has grown. This year, Little Habib not so friendly lah, he clinged on to his abah and was scared of the Habibs.
At masjid Darul Aman, I managed to hear the last part of the talk.
Some of Habib's Salim advice to us :
- Allah (swt ) tells us to do Amal Solah and stay away from Mungkar
- Amal Soleh mean ketaqwaan pada Allah (swt), stay away from what Allah (swt) does not like.
- Habib reminds us to take care of our Solat Fardhu and Solat Sunat.
- Dont break Silaturahim
- Stay away from Zinar and Maksiat, at this moment, zinar is so rampant, the people doing in are in our own homes.
-Donate and give Zakat
- Doing Good is not only for the Ulama's and Habaibs to do but it is all who claims they are Beriman.
- Start by doing good in our own homes.
- Jangan Rela kalau our own family members tak solat or tak tutup aurat.
- Habib mentions that if a lady goes out of the house without covering their aurat, they are the people of hell whom Allah (swt) have laknat.
- We must have determination to attend majlis Ilmu.
- Have love for our friends and even friends whom are non Muslims.
- Help the sick and those who have problems.
- Taubat Nasuha.
- Habib took out his siwak and advise us that smoking is Harmful. It brings bad health and alot of illness. Replace it with a siwak he says. Rasullulah (saw) says kalau bersiwak ini tak memberatkan, nescaya aku akan suruh umat ku bersiwak setelah berwudhuk.
Some Habaibs in the Ba'Alawi Tariqat mengharmamkan merokok and have said that whoever dies and have smoke 40 days before their death, have died of Suul Khotimah.
After the session, hubby and Little Habib managed to salams Habib Salim and got doa khusus from Habib. The crowd was small, so we got his attention. We lingered around till Habib Salim finish eating and went home. Felt really happy that we managed to see Habib Salim and interact with him at Masjid Darul Aman.
Tonight, there will be another session with the Habib at rumah Ustaz Nordin and hubby is invited. He will be going, insya'allah.... I will most probably stay home with our son. At this stage of my pregnancy, I dont feel comfortable sitting for long at people's home

Little Habib fell off a chair this morning and hit the hard concreate pavement while we were about to get our breakfast. Masya'allah... a big swelling appeared, a size of a Durian seed within seconds and he whimpered in pain. I couldnt take it and had tears in my eyes as well....
As parents, we feel so guilty when such things happen. It was just a split second that we looked away and he fell.
...... The DR have advised us to monitor him for any vomitting or fever. He does appear active now and his reflexes are still good. I pray there are no internal injuries.
Even still, I feel guilty and will learn to be more attentive in future.
Parenting is not easy.... Full of ups and Downs....
Inna Liilah wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiuun....


Anonymous said...

Salaam sis

Many thanks for the sharing, couldnt go for the haul as no one to take care of the kids. Wish I'm there though....thanks again.

Janna said...

Salam sis,

I love reading your blog and your knowledge sharing and indeed parenting is a great challenging start..i am just starting and still struggling!

please continue writing..you are doing a very good deed by sharing!


Ummi's Blog said...


Anonymous : sure no probs... Insya'allah can try to make it for next year's haul.... u already get pahala for intending to go...

Janna : Thanks my dear.... Yeah Motherhood can be a struggle sometimes..wonder how our mothers did it eh.. Little Tuchik is sooo cute !