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Monday, September 22, 2008

Masjid Al-Abdul Razak

Hubster and me have visited Masjid Al-Abdul Razak twice this Ramadhan. Needless to say, out of all the masjid in Singapore, this is our favorite mosque.

There was a purpose for going, we managed to chat abit with Haji Caretaker, and also view the masjid which we love so dear from the outside. Even Little Habib was happy to be near this masjid once again. He still remembers I guess.

They volunteers still distribute porridge and its one of the best in the east with chunky bits of meat in the porridge.

Still in the midst of renovation works, the mosque looks good, there is now an extension at the back area and the ladies area have been expanded, and there are proper sliding doors now and new tiles and new carpets! Great for the yearly Hauls, maybe now, ladies can be included too in the event!

I cant wait for it to be ready, end Nov 08, Insya'allah.....

First thing we want to do is to perform solat Tahyattul Masjid at this blessed mosque which have seen alot of Ulama's come and go.

Lets make full use of Ramadan's blessings...

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