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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Emo Mummy with Heartburn

Totally feeling emotional these days.
Maybe I should change my nick to Emo Mummy.

My second trimester is going to end soon, Insya'allah will move on to 3rd trimester.
For this part of my pregnancy, I have been tested with the waterbag issue, gastric and heartburn.

Gosh, in all heartburn is the worse. I think its call SEBU-SEBU in Malay.
The pain below my chest, makes me curl wherever I am, on the chair, on the floor or in the car and it feels as if my stomach has been twisted and punched and really, I squirm and cringe my face, and all I say is God's name.
Sometimes, I go in and out of consciousness because of the pain. Usually, this last for around 30 mins or so because the pain goes away.
Taken from : www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/editorials/other/heartburn+relief+during+pregnancy/
Some common symptoms of heartburn
*A burning sensation or pain in the chest
*Backflow into your mouth or throat makes things worse for you
*Passing gas
*Difficulty in swallowing
Things to avoid
*Spicy and oily food
*Medications which incite the condition of heartburn
*Eating without control
*Skipping your daily meals
*Too much caffeine
*Carbonated drinks
*Citrus fruits
*Ketchup and Vinegar
*Lying down
*Bending over
*Sucking on to the clove may relieve you from the acidic influx
*Having a cup of vanilla ice cream or drinking a glass of cold milk can do the trick
*Almonds help in relieving heartburn and having it everyday will help you a lot
*Eating lemon strips mixed in salt helps to prevent heartburn
*Chewing basil leaves every morning also helps
*Eating watermelon and banana would help you cool down

Its been 3 days straight that I have been hit with heartburn. The food I eat must have contain cilli. Seems that I cant even take a wee bit of cilli. Now, what food does not contain cilli unless those soupy bland food that has no taste. Bahhhh....
Even mum is scared to cook for me these days as her cooking contains lots of cilli. Im being pushed to eat bread or eat at my in-laws. There is always that Patato and Tomato dish at the in laws iftar table. Sobz.... each time I get heartburn, I think of all the sins that I have done in the past and I am thinking that Allah (swt) must be washing these sins away from me....
So much sins I suppose thats why 3 days of heartburn back to back.
I am humbled by this test.

I seriously need his attention.
Maybe ... he loves the car more than me...yeah told you I'm super emotional. Maybe Syawal will bring him closer to me...

For the baby's sake, I have been reading the Quran. Oh wait, shouldn't it ONLY be for Allah's sake.... ?

Little Habib is going through a phase giving me some free time at night.
He does not want to go home with us. He wants to sleep with his Dada and Dadi. I miss him lah but because of the heartburn, my parents always tells me to leave him at their place.
So I have time to read the Quran at night.
Currently reading Surah Luqman. Will move to Surah Muhammad next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ummi,

Take care dear...I'm sure everything will be alright very soon. Insyallah;)


Hidayah said...

Salaams Ummi,

Just stay out of Coke and any other gaseous drink even if you say u want to make urself burp, that's not a good idea ya. Coke contains high sugar content. So becareful.

I think bubur masjid is fine for buka and ya, try not to eat too much of fried potatoes as I do here. Hehehe... Do as Nurul for my pictures in Ireland ya!

Miss u Ummi!

Take care...

ksri said...

Hope you are fine today than before..I agree our kind of food has always been chillied:))Thanks for the info..I read and mebe I was having heartburn unawares..dah baca baru perasan..erkk..
Hang in there dik and take care ..emo biasa but manage it well ok..hugs*

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams :

Izan : Thanks dear, congrats in yr 2nd birth too.

Hid : yeah I just read that carbonated drinks causes heartburn and here I am thinking its a remedy to make me burp more ! Miss ya too... and hang in there!

KSri : Trying to manage my emo..today feel better kak, mungkin kerana dah luahkan semua to the hubster..hehe...
you too take care..drink eno if rasa sebu sebu.. : )