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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Milk and Feeding

Alhamdullilah, I noticed a great improvement in Little Habib’s milk woes. He now drinks milk from his Pigeon Bottle, without being forced too.

Alhamdullilah, Allah (swt) has open up his taste buds to accept milk. I am thankful eventhough he does not drink the normal milk ( as it HAS to be chocolate flavoured milk ), he is still getting Calcium in his body.

Little Habib drinks 2 scoops of Dumex plus a little Magnolia fresh Chocolate milk or Milo amounting to 6 Oz or 150 ML around 6.30 am and before he sleeps at my house.
He will also drink 2 Scoops of Pediasure Chocolate milk amounting to 6 Oz or 150 ML around 11am and 5pm at his grandparents place.
All in all, he drinks milk at least 4 times a day and although at his age, his milk intake should be more than 6 Oz, I am still thankful cos before this, he will NOT even accept the taste of milk in his mouth and there was a few months that he went without drinking milk.

Hubby, Me , Mum have all doaed a lot for our Little Habib to accept milk, to open his Nafsu to drink milk, to be like other kids who love milk and Alhamdullilah, things have improved.

As for food wise, its like a cat and mouth chase. He will eat rice today but not tomorrow and the pattern continues.

My Dad or me are his 'official' rice feeder and mum has not manage to feed him sucessfuly yet and he still does not want the helper to feed him. Thank GOD, dad has retired.

On days when he don’t eat his dinner well, I try and remind Dad not to get stress and that we will try again tomorrow. If he refuse to eat, there is nothing we can do. We did try to beat his legs or show him the belt to scare him, but if he refuse, he will simply trow out the food…..Its his say, not us.

The thing is I am no so worried as before because he takes in Pediasure, which has many good vitamins, minerals and most importantly the Cal-Mag combi.

For Breakfast, he loves fries and sometimes hotdogs. Sometimes abit of Eggs, but Fries are a sure winner. I have also tried feeding him nasi lemak or cheese prata during the weekends and will manage to get about 10 mouthful in before he stops eating.

For Lunch and Dinner, Patato balls, carrots , papedoom are his main items mix with rice, abit of fish or chicken… When no rice gets in because he simply refuse, we try bread and honey and cheese as the alternative. This usually works.

I’ll try and feed him some fruits if there’s any at home. Yesterday mum told me he has a few bites of Durians. The day before, he ate ½ a banana and some rambutan bits. At least some fibre for his bowels.

I really am thankful to GOD who has made our feeding woes diminish slightly and Insya’allah, Im certain it will get better over time as he gets bigger and understand instructions.

“ La hawla wa laquwatta illa billahi l-’Aliyyi l-’Adhim.”
The power belongs to Allah and He lets the humanbeing borrow this attribute as long as He has decreed that they may have it and if He wants, He takes if from them.
The Rasul, sallallahu alayhi wa sallem, said, ‘You want something and Allah wants something, and what you want is not what Allah wants but what Allah wants will certainly come.’



ummu nabil said...

Dear, I got Nabil a tin of Pediasure Classic Vanilla and he hates it! I took a sip and found out why... It may be full of good things, but it's waaaaaay too sweet and has a metallic aftertaste. Instead of following the instructions, I had to put in 2and half times the amount of water for one scoop of powder to reduce the sweetness. But still he doesn't want it.

No wonder tu anak takmo formula since he was 4 months old (and that spilled over to expressed BM; nak direct latch or nothing sampai skarang)!

Just today though, Nabil didn't want to have his lunch. He just wants to nurse and nurse. And nurse and nurse. When I asked him if he wants to "mam-mam", he shook his head. It doesn't help that I'm stuck unable to do anything while BF-ing him :p It took a while before he finally wants to eat. Tu pon my dad yang offer to feed him sebab I haven't solat or had my lunch!

I suppose kids have days when they want to eat and days when they don't, just like adults. It's good that Little Habib accepts substitutes like bread with honey or cheese. I think you can also make thin omelettes and put in bread. If you can cut down the fries and substitute it with kentang rebus it would be good too :)

Don't give up! Hee..

ummu nabil said...

Oh,would you like to have the tin of Pediasure? Nabil's not gonna drink it, for sure.

I have to figure a way on how to wean Nabil now. He has two more months before he turns TWO and I would have BF-ed for the prescribed duration. Hehe..

I'm certain Nabil won't stop at BF-ing at 24mths, mesti lebih sebulan dua..

Ummi's BLOG said...

Really ? metallic after taste..! gosh, i tried the Choc one and it tasted of strong choco taste....no metallic.. hmm, I can buy that tin of pediasure from you, but Im also not sure if my son would want it unless i add fresh choco milk in it...sekali he gets put off and dont want anymore milk, lagi terok for me..hehe....*faintz*

u try and look around for any of your friends who wants it first k...

Gal, Ive seen how Nabil sticks to you when he wanst to eat...so diff from my son..
with my son, we have to super entertain him before he opens the mouth and claps at every mouthful he takes...haiz...
yeah, maybe its one of those days...dont worry..we try and try again....

I know..i dont want to give him fries..but he seems to like it so much... even those super oily ones he eat..

Since its hard for you to wean, takpelah give it some times.. maybe next time u can tell him "mummy takde susu lagi..dah kosong.."
Insist on it... hehe...
and he is taking soya bean, so thats a gd source of protein...

Ummi's BLOG said...

I was just thinking, Si Nabil v bijak lah... he knows the diff between BM and FM.... and he knows which is the best...
anyway, congrats on Bfeeding this long... BM is the best not to mention the amount of pahala you got from BF-ing.... : )

sriberry said...

Salams Ummi..been a silent reader of yours via Muna's site..enjoying your lifejourney with darling Nabil..hope he continues to eat well and be in best of health,insya'Allah...you too..take care.

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Ya Ukhti Sri,

Thanx for commenting, do give me parenting tips along the way, if you have any.. tak salah, you're the one with the twin boys kan ? Mayshallah...

By the way, my son is not Nabil, Nabil is my friend's son.. My son's blog name is Little Habib..hehe..

sriberry said...

Wa'alaikumussalam ummi

Alamak..sorry ya..Habib he is:))Oh yes..my twin boys are almost 6 n insya'Allah..will offer tips whenever I can basically thru experience ya..
At Habib's age,my boys were quite tricky to handle..but with all fairness from Allah..they had been easy babies..be assured that what Habib is going thru is just a phase..insya'Allah..keep up what you have been doing with your Habib..as long as he has his milk regularly..he is doing fine..insya'Allah..a suggestion.Bring him shopping and let him choose his very own kiddy cutlery and dish..to motivate him during mealtimes..let him feed himself n enjoy the newbies..hope this works:)n reward stickers(on his personal chart) whenever he finishes..

ummu nabil said...

Tsk.. you don't need to buy the Pediasure from me if you want it. Dah bukak, so you can have it! Hee.. Maybe if you mix with the chocolate one, it won't taste so funny.

Nabil began with formula when he was stuck in the Special Care Ward after birth. He only got his mummy's milk once a day for the duration he was there, between 30ml to 90ml.

If Little Habib likes potatoes or fries so much, why not substitute his rice with potatoes or pasta instead? Give it a shot lah. Sometimes we need a little bit of creativity to whet children's appetite.

I'm sure there are some simple recipes using potatoes out there :) Good luck!

Ummi's BLOG said...


Sis Sri : stickers ! why didnt I think of that !?... hehe..yes yes..will get some stickers to motivate him... Little Habib love peeling stickers from his toys.

Ummu Nabil : Yar, he is taking boil patatoes with rice, make into rice balls.... at least some carbo kan..

Ok sure..when I start ngaji back.. hopefully next mth, I get the Pediasure from yr mum's place .. thanks.