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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Adik's 1st Birthday...

Time flies doesn't it.....?,

I remember being pregnant for the 3rd time in my life (the 2nd was a miscarriage), finding out the baby in me was a girl and went absolutely happy and thankful.

I remember going through 9 months of morning sickness.

I remember clearly the time hubby took me to East Shore Hospital the day I delivered Adik, it was a Wednesday night on the 10th day of the month, after Magrib.....

I remember cleaning her first poop together with Hubby and Alice at the hospital, something which I was scared to do. heh.

I remember caring for Adik during confinement days on my own while Mak cared for Abang,...

I remember having Post Natal Depression...and fighting it.

I remember caring for her when she had her first fever, first diarrhoea, first cough and cold.

I remember feeding her milk non stop till I really felt as if I was 'mother moo'.

I remember cooking her first porridge, feeding her meals, and eating my own meals with her on my lap because there were times when no one else was free enough to care for her.

I remember bringing her for her operation, just days before her birthday.

And now, Adik is already 1 year old. Masya'Allah.

Going through the memories, of caring for this little child, I have nothing but fond memories of it. Alhamdullilah, Adik has been such an easy baby to take care of. Most probably, God knows my strength, that I was gonna take care of this baby without much help, so HE made it easy for me.

For Adik's first birthday, because the people around us were busy, and we had just spent some of our savings for the December holiday activities, we decided not to hold a big celebration like when it was Abang's time.

No fancy number 1 shape cake, no invitations for the guest, no birthday songs. This time, again, Mak made her signature Pulut Kuning, (something she makes when she is thankful for something).

Since Adik's birthday fell on a thursday Night, the night where the men at Masjid Abdul Razak read Maulid, Tahlil and Doa Selamat, we sent the Pulut Kuning and some food to the mosque and gave Adik's name to the Imam to read during the Doa Selamat.
Alhamdullilah, Hubby attended the event and he told me the Imam read Adik's name and made prayers for her to have good health and to grow up as a solehah. Amiin.

Thank you Mak for making this pulut for your little grand daughter. It looks and taste very delicious. Well done!

The men at the mosque were so delighted to feast on the pulut kuning. Its not everyday that they get Pulut after the doa selamat. They even read Pantuns first before feasting on the pulut. Everyone was happy and ultimately, thats what hubby and me want.

* Thanks also to hubby's siblings who bought an ice-cream cake, some clothes and some stuff bears for Adik. The mini gathering and cake cutting at Nani's house which was not planned at all was a wonderful surprise.



Sorter n Co. said...

Eid Milad Adik cutiepie!!Wah..nak dekat dgn bday ciksri lah...alhamdulillah Ummi..for all the things you and Adik went thru..she is 1,healthy and pretty!!*hugsalot to both*
May Allah bless Adik with best of health,happiness and endless love all around...amiin.Ummi,you take care and kudos to you for raising her so well...:))

camilynn said...


Good one on Adik's 1st Birthday.I recently found out 1 million children are accidentally poisoned in their homes each year.And also I did find the toxins we use in our home here www.debtfreeliving.healthyhometour.com.I think it's time we all know about the toxins we use.


Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful post...you are so blessed to be able to be with your sweet girl throughout her first year..a priceless experience!

Anonymous said...

yes, her FIRST POOP when she was so samll and fragile. hee.

Ummi's Blog said...


Ksri: syukran jazillan ksri for the bday wish...Amiin...ah takdelah ksri..im just doing what any mother wld do...trying my best n learning from good ummis like u...alhamdullilah : )

Camilynn : Ok sure will chk it out Thanks!

Anonymous 1: aww thanks..u r right! Being around for your kids in their day to day life is indeed priceless...

Lycc:I will never forget that moment...haha...funny!