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Sunday, November 8, 2009

The year 2009...


*became housewife for a whole year...

*hospitalised for asthma

*attempted to cook a few dishes, successful with Italian cooking. Cooked Adik's porridge, something I didnt have to do during Abang's porridge eating days.

*handled my baby solely and breastfeed her for a year. Wuhoo!

*still trying our best to discipline Abang, looks like he has mellowed abit but still much work needs to be done with this boy....Headache!

*Abang attends school. Hysterical when he first joined, now he is the "chip" of the block.

*Witness a major destruction. Still praying for a peaceful closure. Sad.

*Witness people who stuck by us (very thankful for the gifts) and also those who left us in times of hardship...hur hur hur. You think I didn't noticed? You Think???

*Worked hard in finding a job. Wasn't easy being a jobseeker who wears the headscarf and has 2 small kids. Its not always you get the job that you really want. Reminded that Rizk is determined by Allah(swt)...

* Hubby drove up to KL with just me and the kids for the first time to attend the haul of Imam Abdullah Alhaddad. It was a good and spiritual trip. Insya'allah we will make it a yearly event with our close friends.

*Got a job through Hubby's contacts. Shows that networking and being friendly is a powerful tool in life.

* Learnt that one should not always stick to Principals. Its best to be generous or your Principals will eat you up one day. Life is not always about Principals. Its best to give and take.

* Looking forward to spend the school holidays with my kids before a new task awaits in 2010.

With the many sadness and joys, I am thankful that I still have my hubby as my patient advisor and my kids who keeps me sane....yes I am. Alhamdullilah.

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