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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Approaching a new beginning....

What can I say, Its been quite a year...

2009 has been for me a year full of ups and downs but Alhamdullilah, holding on to my faith, I have made it through without crumbling to the fullest.

While it has been such a joy looking after Adik for a whole year, breastfeeding her till now, taking care of her every need, I knew at the back of my mind that one day, I would have to be out in the office again working.
Not many would understand why I have to do this, some have critised but its just something hubby and me plans on doing, for the sake of our future aspirations.

Alhamdullilah, after months of job hunting, a few unsuccessful interviews, disappointments, tears, temp jobs and lots of prayers, I managed to land a job with a company whose boss is someone I had first heard about a few years back, eventually met at his open house, and have deep admiration for his effort in being on the path that not many would take. A man who is Generous but keeps a low profile.
The office is near, there are some perks to the job, the people seems nice and alhamdullilah, its next to a mosque. But seriously, I may dread the long hours.

They are welcoming me on board starting 4h Jan 2010, so there is lots to do now to prepare myself.
First and foremost, I'm training Adik to drink milk from the bottle, something she has not done in a long time as her milk comes directly from me. Its been quite a challenge and Adik is frustrated but so far, I have succeeded in 2 occasions, so there is still hope. Insya'allah.

Then there is a need for a helper. Oh Allah, I pray and I cling on to you to help me choose a reliable, responsible and loving helper who will be good to family.

And since I have been on a break for about a year and this job is something new to me, I have been praying hard, reading the Ratib and doing some zikir to prepare myself emotionally and mentally that no matter what, I will try my best to succeed. Give me 5 years before I shall start to really sit down and think about being a Full-Time Housewife.

"Oh my kids, Ummi hopes the both of you will be able to adapt. Dadi and Dada will be around, so will the new helper, but I know the both of you will miss Ummi so much. We might not have our story sessions before your afternoon naps, but Ummi promise that on the days that Ummi is not working, we will spend lots of time catching up about the week. "

I worry for Adik, but I leave her in Allah's (swt) hands..... Its best she turns out independant and not someone like me. As for dear Abang, he will miss me Im sure...but he is also close to his grandparents, so hopefully, he wont be so affected.

2009; I saw something which I never thought I would in my lifetime. The things that happened had taught me and hubby a huge lesson in life and we vow not to be the same like those who chose such a path.
We talked about about the stuff that happened alot and promised to be good role models to our own kids.

Our kids...such innocent beings. Ummi and Abah pray that our family will be strong and good.

Adik and Abang squabbles alot but they also play together when Abang is in a Good Mood. Adik iss the good one, always wanting to play and hug her Abang...but unfortunately her brother can be so dramatic and aloof sometimes. Pfft....

My cute baby button nose..... starting to be active this days..... Its easy to bring her out. Maybe its a girl thing.... : )

The kids loves swimming...just bought Abang a new bathing suit.....

Adik too is very comfortable swimming be it on her boya or when her Abah is holding her.


Sorter n Co. said...

Salam Ummi
I miss reading you :)Read all your entries and you are an inspiration.Akak feeling warm all over tau dik...somethings you said touched me a lot..

May all things be smooth and fruitful for you and family.Amiin..Enjoy your weekend and family :)*hugs*

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Kak Sri

Oh I miss u too kak...havent had much time to update as ive was bz with the job hunting and taking care of the kids...but now insya'allah hopefully will have some time to update....hee.
im happy that ive inspired you..sebenarnya, I just wrote whats in my heart..hehe..

syukran jazillan for your doa kak...I pray the same for you and your family...Fi'amanillah.