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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eid Adhar 1430

Our Eid celebrations were minimal.

We were trying our best to make Adik feel more comfortable.
The Hernia seems worse these days while waiting for the operation. Its like, the moment we knew its Hernia, the more swollen her abdomens became.

Maybe its the cough that aggravated the Hernia. Hubby and me have been trying our best to care for her ourselves. We promised to put effort in getting her cured and we Tawakkal to Allah and seek His help.
The kids looking at the sheep.
We brought the kids to see the sheep at Masjid Darul Aman and Masjid Alkaff. Abang was fascinated to see the sheep.

Hubby and Adik sitting opposite Habib.
We visited Habib Abbas to get air doa for Adik's and we seek his Dua for her. With the Blessings of a Pious man, we hoped Allah (swt) will heal our daughter's sickness. Amiin.

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