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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adik needs to go for Surgery.

My heart feels heavy.....

We found out 2 days back that Adik has Hernia and she has to go for surgery.

The surgery date is fixed for next week and Adik needs to be put to sleep under the general anesthetic for the 1 hour operation.
We hope, she can go back on the same day as the DR says that if all goes well, it will only be a day surgery and after 4 hours of observation, we can bring her back.

During the check at clinic, Adik was crying so much as she was very scared. She only wanted to cling on to me. Thus, I can imagine how things will be like the moments before she goes in for surgery. She is also required to fast a few hours before the surgery, so Im really lost on what I should do should she wants her milk. What the nurse advise me was to feed her a very full meal at night, and last milk at 2am.

I've done loads of research on Hernia for babies yesterday and I wished I was more observant and concern about that swelling that she has at her abdomens area on and off since a few months back. I did touch the swelling a few times when she had it but since she didnt cry, and since the swelling will go off after a while, I just let it go....until we saw a really big one some nights ago that we decided we should really get it checked.

But these things r planned and Allah (swt) is the best of Planners and if the surgery needs to be next week, it shall be.

The Positive side to this is that Dr Chui is an experienced surgeon and he said that he has done a hernia surgery on girls many times. The risks are low and recovery takes about 7 days. There is only a 1 in 1000 chance of any re-occurrence and thank GOD we have medical insurance for Adik.

I wish, I could take her place, as a mother, I wish my daughter dont have to go through this pain. But I also know that Allah (swt) is All Merciful, thus, I am clinging on my faith that this is a test for us and Insya'Allah, our family will get through this. This is only make us stronger. Insya'Allah.

Meantime, Adik is down with high fever and a bad cough. With crying and cough, her Hernia gets worse cos her abdomens are strained. We just hope that within the few days we have till surgery date, she will not be in any kind of danger from the hernia because if the hernia gets stuck and the swelling cannot go down, than there is danger.

For any readers who happen to pass by my blog, do read a prayer for my doll face little baby Asyura. Barely 1 year old, a bubbly and sweet baby is sick.

She cried herself to sleep last night something that she has never done before.

Last week, she wore this dress for the first time and looked like a big girl already.

Ummi love you my baby. My hands will be holding yours...lets be strong together.


Sorter n Co. said...

Insya'Allah she'll be fine dik...May Allah s.w.t ease Adik's road to recovery...amiin.Hang in there and hugs.

ukhti27 said...

BismiLlah wal HamduliLlah...
Sholatu was-Salamu `ala RasuliLlah wa `ala Alihi wa Shohbihi waman walah...
SalamuLlahu`alaikum wa Rahmatuhu wa Barakatuh...

Salam Penghulu segala Hari dan Salam `Eidul Adha,
Semoga senantiasa dalam Rahmat, Peliharaan dan Kasih Sayang ALLAH `Azzawajalla. ALLAHumma amiin.

Wahai Ibu Mithali yang Dimuliakan lagi Dikasihi ALLAH,
Insya`ALLAH, adinda Asyura dalam doa kami, tetapi percayalah, doa seorang Ibu lebih mustajab, lebih-lebih lagi Anti sebagai Ibu nya; Ibu Mithali. Tangan yang menghayun buaian yang bisa mengoncangkan dunia, doa tulusmu menembusi 7 petala langit dan diamiinkan jutaan para Malaikat yang senantiasa taat kepada al-Khaliq, ALLAH `Azzawajalla :)

Baginda ShalALLAHu`alaihiwasalam pernah berpesan bahwa Kalimat "سبحان الله و بحمده", adalah Kalimat yang paling Dicintai ALLAH. (Shahih Imam Muslim) Justru, kita bertabarruk (mengambil berkat) dengan Kalimat tersebut; bacalah 100x pada sebotol air putih/aqua, lalu diminumkan pada nya (walaupun hanya sedikit), disapukan keatas badan nya atau dimandikan.

Paling afdhal yang melakukan ikhtiar ini adalah Anti, Ibu nya sendiri; ketika Anti dalam keadaan berwudhu`, andai tidak, maka giliran Suami untuk melakukan nya. Sisa dari air yang dibacakan itu bisa dicampurkan dengan air putih yang lain dan bukan susu, kopi, teh dll, hehe, yang penting air putih :)

Kita bisa amalkan juga Kalimat ini dengan bacaan sebanyak 100x setiap hari; paling afdhal setiap pagi dalam keadaan berwudhu`. Banyak manfaat dan barakah nya bisa kita raih dari Kalimat yang paling ALLAH Cintai ini, iaitu kita akan Dibimbing oleh ALLAH `Azzawajalla kepada apa sahja yang DicintaiNYA, dan kita Diberikan apa sahja yang kita inginkan.

Juga diantara kelebihan nya : "Barangsiapa membaca "سبحان الله و بحمده" setiap hari 100x, maka berjatuhan dosa-dosa nya walau sebanyak buih dilautan." (Shahih Imam Bukhari) ALLAHu Akbar! Merupakan suatu Tawaran yang tidak pantas untuk kita tidak merebut nya, insya`ALLAH.

"سبحان الله و بحمده", itulah Kalimat yang paling Dicintai ALLAH dan tidak ada orang yang membaca nya kecuali akan Dicintai ALLAH `Azzawajalla :) Wahai ALLAH, demi Cahaya "سبحان الله و بحمده", berikanlah Kesembuhan dan `Afiah Kamilah keatas nya...

BarakALLAHu fikum wa jazakumuLlahu khairal jaza`...
was-SalamuLlahu`alaikum wa Rahmatuhu wa Barakatuh wa Maghfiratuh.
Fi amanALLAH wALLAHu a`lam bisawab.

the woman said...

Be strong Ummi.

Insya allah, all will go well.

"But these things r planned and Allah (swt) is the best of Planners"

Big hug.

Have faith.

Anonymous said...

Salam sister, my duas are there for your lovely daughter. Pls do not be afraid as hernia is not very serious, especially when surgery can eliminate that problem,Insha Allah. My relative's son who was barely a year old too, had gone for hernia surgery and by God's grace he is fine now. I wish and pray that Insha Allah your daughter too will recover from that, so do keep ur faith strong.

Ummi's Blog said...


Ksri: Amiin. *huggs* Thanks for caring kak. * weak smile *

Ukhti27:Salaams eid-adhar to you too Ukhti. Masya'allah, ana terharu setiap kali membaca nasihat-nasihat anti ini. Nasihat yang amat dihargai dan baik tentang kalimah "سبحان الله و بحمده",
Insya'allah, ana telah mula amalkan zikir ini.
Sesungguhnya ana yakin Allah `Azzawajalla Maha Pengasih dan Maha Penyayang dan perhatikan apa hamba-hambanya usahakan di saat saat hamba itu sangat memerlukan pertolongan darinya.
Jaza'allahu Khairan Khatiran. Fi'amanillah.

The Woman: *Big Big Hug* to you sis. I guess these are things we go thru in life that makes us more mature. Hubby and me used to be giggly and smiley. Now we go thru many challenges such as sending our sick daughter to the hospital and most of the time we frown going thru our lives challenges. Secretly, We truly love the test that are given to us as we take it positively that Allah the Most Merciful is Testing us to be Better Muslims. Amiin. * Weak Smile *

Anonymous: Insya'Allah. Its very reassuring to read such comments. Syukran Jazillan for your Doa. May you receive better in return. Amiin.

norza said...

i know how it feels. :( hope you and hb will be strong as a family. She will be in my du'a and I'm sure she'll be fine..insyaAllah. *hugs*