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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The days have gone by fast.
I could hardly believe its already Mid May.
There are a few things that I’m looking forward to in June.
There is the awaited Interview. Weather I get this job or not depends on it.

Then there is this short KL trip that we are planning.
Still deliberating if I want to bring Adik along or leave her alone in my mum’s trusted care. Told my hubby, I need a Break!

Talking about Breaks, well, I had an emergency urut session a few days ago.
My back was simply breaking and it came to the point where I could not turn myself in bed without great effort.
I guess 5 mpnths of carrying Adik and also running and fussing over Abang really took its toll on my body.
The Urut lady who lives a few blocks away, really did her work, nevermind me screaming in pain, her mission was to break every biji angin in my body!
At the end of it, she did Sengkak, and glad to say, my body’s feeling good again.


We have started getting our groceries from across the causeway. Its great, I can get a pack of 80 Huggies Ultra for RM 44. The kids milk are definitely cheaper and I always take each trip like a mini vacation. Glad we took the step to venture out of our comfort zone.


It seems that I have a lot to do in my list.
Today, I have settled the order for my brother’s cake for the wedding dinner. Sugarly Nice will be baking it.

I’ve ordered éclairs from my cousin and still yet to settle the Brownies with Janna.

The wedding cards are done and we have a rough idea what we want for the Berkat.

I’ve gotten my outfits ready but yet to get matching headscarves for it.

I also need to get in touch with my pal Red Herring on the Henna. The problem is how am I going to get my hand hennaed when I have 2 fidgety kids to handle? How eh? What do u recommend pal?

This time round, its just going to be a wedding dinner for close friends and family for our side.
The girl’s side will be holding a grand Nikah and Walimah on separate days.
I simply like the idea of a cosy dinner wedding. Alhamdullilah my parents agreed to it.
Yes, I’ve heard lots of comments from people who aren’t even close to my family about why we are not making a big wedding for my brother. Tsk Tsk…lets just say, people with Ilmu will not make such comments. I told my parents not to get affected and just go with what we feel right as long as we are not going against syariah.

Well I had a big wedding and though I appreciate my parent’s efforts, I didn’t enjoy it at all. It was tiring, not to mention a waste of money.
I would rather a small wedding, not over the budget but intimate and blessed. So I applaud my brother’s suggestion for not over spending on his wedding. He can use his money for a romantic honeymoon instead kan.
If I had my way, it would just be maulid, khutbah niqah, niqah and then Briyani Dam followed by some photo taking. Khalas….. :)


I am enjoying time with my kids. Abang is driving me up the wall and sometimes, I go nuts with his activeness, but at the end of the day, when I have calm myself down, I understand that its not all his fault. He is barely 3 and a boy after all. I need to relax on my expectations and stop being so littlemissnaggy sometimes. Hah….

Adik is still my little darling. It seems that she has started to have interest on our food. She is also very strong and can grab things already. I wonder if all that breastmilk is making her a feisty gal.

Most definitely, when they grow a little bigger, I will enroll them in my
BIL's silat academy.


Went for another High Tea @ Carousel to celebrate Mother’s day with my mum. We enjoyed it. She’s still very close to me despite some hiccups earlier. I guess lots of patience and prayers helped me remain close to the people I love.


It seems that I don’t have the urge to blog much. I don’t know when else I will write after this entry.
I spend my time catching up with friends on Facebook. Events and religious notes can be found there too.
I have somehow lost the momentum of writing on Islamic knowledge but that does not mean I am not going for my kuliah. Now that Adik is always with me, I listen to my ustaz but I rarely write down notes. These days, what little time we get to go for kuliahs and religious events are already a blessing.

Just yesterday, at Masjid Abdul Razak, a lady in her 50s ticked my off when Abang was playing near her in the mosque while she was trying to listen to the ustaz. Abang was not making much noise, just babbling while playing with his toy. The lady told me to get him away from her. “ Bolehtak bawak anak awak keluar dari sini?”

Loss for words, I gritted my teeth, and smile and I carried my kids out of the woman’s area and eventually found a place at the corner near the men’s area. Hubby came to sit with us too after that.
It’s sad that there are people who learn ilmu but are not receptive to kids being in the mosque.
Sometimes I question if what hubby and me are doing is right. Its like there is a Khilaf in this matter.
But looking at the positive points that my son can now imitate prayers, knows how to recite surah and selawats and he is very comfortable at the mosque environment gives me assurance that when we do it solely for Allah (swt), there will be good that will come out of the effort.

Insyaallah… this is Life….Its not Perfect, but we can do our best to overcome the obstacles if we just keep to our faith.


Hajar said...

Sis ... what is sengkak?

Ummi's Blog said...

Sis..sorry I just noticed your comment.
Sengkak?..hee u will know once you are married and have given birth. Its when the urut lady pushes up your womb back to its original position. Takes a few times and alot of strenght on the urut lady part. After that, you will feel better. : ) hee...