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Friday, May 8, 2009

AIF! ...

Alhamdullilah Its Friday!

Looking forward to the weekend,
The weekends are when hubby is around more to bring us out for a drive and to eat at our favourite makan place.
Just love to spend time with my family these days.

Adik just woke up from sleep in her cot.
I think not only is Adik attached to me, I have also grown soo attached to her.

They grow up fast dont they... Masya'allah. I pray that they become close siblings, loving, protecting and guiding one another. Insya'Allah, Amiin.


Aryna said...

I really wish I could romos lil Asyura.... :D

Ummi's Blog said...

kak, I will romos her on your behalf k.. hee hee...i just read yr post on how much u love babies.. : )

Anonymous said...

Salams Ummi!

Ummi ader facebook tak? if ader, add me up okay. and i've followed you on twitter. take care and peluk cium to both the kids for me!