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Monday, May 4, 2009

Floorworks By Perle Noire

This world is Vast and so Is the our Rizk.

For a few weeks now, I have been helping my brother tend to his renovation showroom on weekdays.
The hours are suitable cos I get to send Little Habib to school, feed Adik and put my her to sleep before I leave home for the office and by the time I return, they are just waking up from their afternoon nap.
The pay is just nice for me to spend here and there, for myself and the kids.

I must say, I'm proud of my brother for setting up this business and with a good designer with him and many wholesaler suppliers contacts, I pray that his business will succeed beyond expectations.
So far, he has done quite a number of projects and they all look good to me.
Well done Bro!

Work consist mainly of answering calls, tending to walk ins and the usual admin work cos sometimes I have to call our suppliers to arrange for samples and get price lists n quotations etc. Been learning the ropes on how to run a renovation firm....interesting!

The feeling of helping my own brother run his self set up business and managing his showroom for him while he goes onsite to take care of his project is rather good.
Who better to help than your own family member right...
However, the need for more pay and CPF contributions is why I am still job hunting outside.
Really, I would love to help out my bro on a full time basis.....maybe its not time yet.

Any readers interested in doing renovation works, u can contact me and I'm sure I can get my bro to give some good deals or discount! : )

Where I sit....this table also belongs to the designer's table when she comes in after I'm off work.

The Showroom.

The tiles display...Many range of unique and designer tiles making me want to re-renovate my house all over again! The price range is also affordable!

Many different types of Laminate Flooring. The colours are so nice, its so hard to choose which is my favourite.

ps/ Perle Noire means Black Pearl.


Janna said...

Thanks for the info, i think this should be useful for us soon...apa2 ti i contact seketari nye eh (READ: Ummi lil Habib!) heehee

Ummu Nabil said...

Umm.. Welcome to the industry!! LOL..

I could spend hours looking at and fondling materials if I wasn't so frazzled over getting things done then! Hee~

All the best, babe!

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams Janna,

Yes sure no problem, just Say My Name and you will get discounts!! : )

Ummu Nabil : Girl, I am sooo like you. I could spend hours going through ( haha fondling!! ) the samples of laminates, wallpapers, carpets and curtains materials and than picture it in my house!! Gahhhh.