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Thursday, December 18, 2008

1st week as a Mother of 2...

Alhamdulillah, I've given birth to a sweet baby girl on the 10th Dec at 9.33pm.

Earlier on that faithful day, I suspected that my water bag was leaking as I had lots of clear water discharge but still, no contraction pain. Not willing to take any chances, my mum suggested that I just go to the hospital.

I checked in ESH at 7pm after hubby finished his work, and by that time, I was already 5cm dilated.

Dr Heng was still at her Bedok Clinic, thus, I was handled by the midwives. Hubby went to Masjid Aleem Siddique to pray Magrib and Isyak as I told him to go and make doa for me. I was confident that the baby will pop out only nearing to midnight.

Hubby came back to the labour ward nearing 9pm. I had started to feel contraction pain as I was put on the drip and the labour was to be induced. I remember I still chatted with my hubby amids taking deep breath from my laughing gas, and we snapped some pictures too.

The real pain only started slightly after 9pm when my dear gynea came in the labour room to break my waterbag and after 30 mins of intense pain, the midwives shouted to my gynea to come in as she was reading the papers outside waiting for me to fully dilate. I pushed hard and after a few tries, my darling princess came out to this world.

Again No epidural, just Laughing Gas and the pentidine jab which in the end, didnt help when the real contractions started.

I can still remember the pain... Ooouch... no wonder heaven is under the mother's feet!

Well, being a mother of 2 small kids is still not easy and I am trying really hard to adjust. Its been tiring as I have to divide my attention. The only rest I get when both of them are asleep, like now.

The first few days were terrible as I had bad engorgements due to too much milk productions. I couldnt even close my armpits properly as it was swelling with milk, and it made me so depress and feverish. Alhamdullilah, I have some friends who I consider 'Breastfeeding Experts' to sms and call me to advise, and also I have a really good tukang urut who helped me ease the engorged breast. Its much better already.

The only thing hubby and me are battling now is how to please Little Habib and make him love his sister. Apparently, he does feel a little left out as I am always feeding the baby or pumping my milk out. He takes it out by hitting her, beating her with the pillow, pressing his face against her face , taking out her mittens and crying his heart out when Im am trying to feed the baby. When his Abah is carrying Adik, he quickly tugs at his Abah to put her down and carry him instead.

We are trying our best to explain to him that the baby loves him, and that she feels pain when is being hit. We do shower him with alot of attention and hubby still maintain our nightly mosque routing with him, but its just that I dont follow them.

I can understand how my little boy feels. All this while, his Ummi is sitting with him in the car, entertaining his talks and now, its just him and Abah.

I cried too when he hugs me and cry. I explained to him our normal routine will come back soon when Adik is a little bigger. I miss those times too, but I have to be fair to both of my children.

I am trying to be positive with alot of doa. Hubby is very concern too and we will continue to to try and get Little Habib to adjust till he knows that now Adik is part of our lives. I believe when he is a little older, things will be fine. Its just that at 2yrs 5mths years old, its hard for him to understand this addition to the family.

Till then, Wasallam.


adikbongsu said...

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,

Alhamdulillah .. looks like ur delivery was fast and easy :)

Tahniah my dear!

gambar baby takde ke? ..hehehe

btw psl buah dada bengkak kan ... a simple solution is to always have kobis kat rumah. Kobis yg dah dimasukkan dlm fridge ... ambil sehelai atau dua kemudian tekap kan kat buah dada kita dan tutup kan dgn coli .. sorry eh ckp takde selindung.. tak tahu camner ..hehee... neway insya'Allah after 10 mins or more the pain will go away, susu akan deras mengalir dan kita tak akan demam because of this pain.

Abt habib ... its just a phase... lama2 nanti bila org usik nak bawa balik adik dia mesti ckp tak kasi bab sayang ... my kids all go thru this ... :)

take care dear sister ... try to rest as much as possible, esp. sleep...

uhibbuki fillah ya ukhti! *hugs"

Anonymous said...

Salam Ummi!

Mabrur on yr baby girl. See you soon okaye.


Ummi's Blog said...


Kak Banun : Alhamdullilah, yeah rather fast...Syukran Syukran...Gambar baby, I dah email u..hee!

Buah dad bengkak tu dah settle...I did try kobis, tapi macam tak work for mine...keras macam batu. In the end, tukang urut tuam ngan air panas and massage the susu out.... phew.... About my son tu, hopefully lah kak its just a phase. sedih I tengok dia debik adik dia...

I love u toooo *Hugs*

Azizah : Hi my dear, Thanks! ok set, bila nak visit me, u tell me ain advance..maybe we can arrange to meet at rumah bedok reservoir ? weekends nights better ah...
oh yar, I email u the pics too.