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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breastfeeding ...

Just some information on Breastfeeding for some EXTRA motivation....

Got this info from Bro Khalid Ajmain through Facebook ...... In any case, I have always admired mothers who took breastfeeding seriously. At least give it a try and persevere. If still unable, than its Allah's will.....

( Actually Rasullulah (saw) have advised us on the benefits of breastfeeding )

Breastfeeding and Baby Formula

When a mother gives birth, that child can still see everything from Heavens and still has its spiritual vision to witness angels and Saints.

When the mother breastfeeds, her bad manners – like not making ablution before feeding or not invoking the name of God – are transferred to the innocent baby until the spiritual vision of the child is completely covered. Feeding with cow's milk is even worse because you do not know how that milk was extracted and by whom.

Powdered milk is even worse yet because many of them are filled with animal cartilage and bones! Such things cause the diseases like cancer that we see today and did not exist before.

The best thing for mothers is to breastfeed, but do so with proper ablution and spiritual recitations so they can maintan in the child's purity as long as possible.

From "In The Shadow of Saints", Sufi Discourses of Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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