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Thursday, October 30, 2008

32 Weeks check Up.

Alhamdullilah, my 32 weeks check up yesterday went well. Baby moving well and looks chubby in the ultra scan.

We brought Little Habib for the 1st time to DR Heng's clinic. The nurse said he was a Xerox copy of his Abah. Hai Takde ker muka aku sedikit pun ???

Ok, so Dr Heng did some test on me and after that we discussed a little about inducing the baby.
If you ask me, I am all for inducing. I don't really know whats the down side of inducing though...Anyone knows off hand why it is not recommended ?

Some say Induce labour is more painful than normal labour, some say its more of convenience reasons.

You see, I was induced for my first pregnancy because there were some complications on the 38th week. There were signs of the baby's faeces in the water bag when we did an ultra sound for my 38th week check up. We were worried that the baby would choke on the faeces. Hence, Dr Heng told me to meet her at the delivery suit sharped at 8.30 am the next morning. At that point, I was actually already 2cm dilated. Immediately, I called my boss to inform them of the start of my maternity leave.

Hubby rushed to rumah Habib Abbas to get air selusuh and called all his friends and Ustaz to make doa. No matter what, we did not want to go for Cesarean. Hmm....1st baby kan...panick ah....Mum and sis slept over my house that night.

I could not sleep. I woke up several times to solat and read the ratib while waiting for Subuh to come. We walked in ESH the next morning around 08am. Little Habib was in my parents safe hands.

After the payment process, I was push to the delivery suite. After going through the enema process ( the injection of a fluid into the rectum to cause a bowel movement ), and going to the toilet to clear my Bowels, DR Heng greeted me with worried look.

If the water is dirty, It would be straight to the operating teater. She told me she discussed with DR Bal ( my aunt ) the night before if she should have admitted me in straight away.
She then used a rubber glove with a small hook on her index finger. She inserted her finger in my womb area and that hook burst the waterbag. Alhamdullilah, water in water bag was clean, so we proceeded with natural birth. No pain there.

I was put on the drip, given laughing gas and I asked for the Pentadine Jab at my thighs when the pain started and after 4 hours of the most intense pain in my whole life, I was 10 cm dilated and pushing out the baby on my own. Dr Heng came just in time for me to push my dear son out. Phew..... Alhamdulillah. So that was my labour story. Nothing too dramatic. Just 4 hours of REAL REAL contraction pain.

Well, this time around, DR Heng says she will check and see if my body will be ready to be induced. She suggested if I am OK with it, we can go for 12.12.08 which yeah seems like a nice date huh. Waddaya know...its a Friday !! So I am excited.

Ok, I am now 50 % for the idea of getting induced on 12.12.08. But well, hubby wants me to wait for the waterbag to burst naturally if there are no complications. He says, lets just wait for Allah (swt) to tell us when. Considering that we are not really planing for a no 3 baby, it would be nice to experience 'waterbag break naturally kindda thing' this time round.

Its still not decided yet. I told DR Heng, we KIV first 12.12.08. I need to pray for some guidance. As you know, we plan but the master of all planners is Allah (swt). Who knows kan, the baby might decide to come out earlier. Maybe 08.12.08 ker ? I was just thinking, lets make 12.12.08 the last date. If no waterbag burst by then, we'll go for induce. Hmm......

And don't get me wrong. I am not syiriq. I dont feel that 12.12.08 is a lucky good luck number or something. I just feel that it would be fun to have a birth date as 12 Dec 08 just like my birth date 01.01 XX, adik's will be 12.12 ?

So...how about that ?? ; )


ksri said...

121208...ehee..if so,wallahua'lam..your baby and I can be twins of different year lah..eheee...
Not sure about inducing as ksri dulu csect with my twins..whatever ways,as long as both mommy and baby go thru delivery well and smooth...insya'Allah k dik..take care ya..!

nor said...

ive not experience in inducing, but i pray that all is well on yr side. do keep us posted OK.
have a safe delivery,sis.

Anonymous said...

sorry but can I add my 2cents worth ?

Inducing is like going against the act of GOD ? No?
1. Only induce if you or baby are in danger
2. Or if you are overdued - after 40 weeks.
3. Pray istighara to seek a decision.
4. Dont do it for convenience. Dates are not important, any day is a blessing.

Your sister in Islam.

Ummi's Blog said...

Salaams -

Ksri : ur bday 12.12 eh ? hehe...so nice kan...oklah lets see how it goes..thanks kak for your doa.

Sis Nor : Thats for your doa...sure will keep you ladies posted... the countdown will begin soon i suppose.

Anonymous : Thanks for your advise. I suppose I know my body well enough and will trust my gynea's decision but yes v true, I need to pray Istighara to ensure that Allah guides me to the right path for this delivery. Insya'allah.

Janna said...

nice birthdate lah yours..01.01!