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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There is NO race in Islam.

Question from the floor : Are Arabs the only decendants of the Prophet ?

Shaykh Hishams says There is NO Race in Islam. Anyone can be the Decendands of the Prophet (saw) if Allah (swt) wants them to be. Eg Salman Alfarisi, a companion of our Prophet is not from Rasullulah's decendants, but Rasullullah (saw) says that " He is in My family. "

Its more important to be spiritually connected to Rasullulah (saw).

There are decendants of the Prophet all around the world. Shaykh Hisham have seen Spanish people and African people who are from the decendants of the Prophet (saw). Islam have spread far and wide. Even Shaykh Hisham comes from the decendants of our Prophet (saw). His mother is from the lineage of Saiyidina Hassan (r.a) and his father is from Saiyidina Hussein (r.a). He has never told us this before but since we ask, he tells us.

Shaykh says, those Arabs who proudly claim to be decendants of the Prophet (saw) but do not follow the teachings and sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) will make our Prophet (saw)more ashame and not proud.

Shaykh himself have seen arab men in Medina claiming proudly "I am the decendants of the Prophet" but on their wrist are Gold Rolex. Did Rasullulah (saw) teach us that Muslim men can wear Gold ?

Personally, I am happy to hear this... because, asides from the good and Alim Arabs I know, I also know of some Arabs in my country who are proud to be from our Rasul's lineage but do not behave as a proper muslim and look down on non-arabs. May Allah show them to the right path. I remember my first visit to the majlis Haul at Masjid Ba'alwie many years ago. The arabs wear nice and glittery jubahs and reserve the first few rows and do not let anyone sit there. No smile whatsoever to NON - Arabs. Tell me how do I respect them while Rasullulah (saw) have advised us to treat his family with respect ?

I am not pin pointing on the proud arabs only. Proudness takes place in many instances. And this is also a wake up call for me. I often am invited to majlis organised by Arabs. And when I go, sometimes, it did cross in my heart " selamat muka aku muka India, kalau tak diorang tak pandang aku agaknya." ....
You see, I also am guilty of this sin of feeling good that I have Indian blood eventhough I dont mean to be proud. Tsk. May Allah clean my heart.

This is good advise...There is NO Race in Islam....

To be continued.

(written in my own words )


Anonymous said...

Salaam sis
Just to share, last ramadan did terawih at Baalwie. There's this arab lady dah lah lambat, main selit kat depan..inspite of the officials appeal to her to move back, she mati mati insist that she wants to be in the front. Bila tahiat akhir it was really cramped until one of the old makcik give up her place and prayed behind. I tengok geram juga...agaknya my pahla that night reduced pasal hati tak bersih.hee..hee.
PS - this is not arab bashing but rather sharing human weakness....

Ummi's BLOG said...


exactly.... you can see this so openly at Masjid Ba'alwie. Hmm semua Masjid kan rumah Allah ?

I remember a Hadith that Rasullulah told a man to stop and sit and not disturb the jemaah when he has come late and trying to get to the front of the saf. Isnt this a sunnah ?

Its ok, I feel to want to enter the masjid Iktiqaf area to pray, squeeze abit, if there is space, tapi to think the 1st few rows is only for your "kind" is definitely wrong. May Allah forgive me for my harshness but this is reality...

Anyway there are Arabs whom I respect so much for their akhlaq.. think : Almarhum Ustaz Abdillah Aljufri and think Ustazah Shariffa Maimunah Alhabsyi... : )

the woman said...

This is well apt.

I think sis, it doesn't only refer to the arabs here.. even the malays too. Most indian muslims are affected in some way as well, just the way it is between the arabs and malays. Pardon me, not refering to all malays, if you know what i mean.

True enough, there is NO race in Islam.

Thank you for this entry.

Anonymous said...

im neither a sufi or salafi. im just curious do u think wat hisham kabbani and his tarikat actions during zikr is the teachings of islam? y do he allow women who is not his mahram to kiss his hands? y do he allow his followers to sujud at him during his visit in indonesai and some parts of the world? y do he criticised wahabis in world wide television? just because they came from diff school of thoughts does not means he had a right to criticised another muslim! ask him to read al quran surah al hujurat verse 11!as a respected ulama in sufi, his actions and views is not projecting the true image of islam and totally against rasullulah teachings. seriously, i think prof yusuf al qaradawi shld be more respected cause he is someone who can never be bought by wealth, and he will say the truth even though it can be painful. wasalam. u can reply me at my email arafat_cool2hotmail.com.btw u can see hisham kabbani videos on youtube. u can see his actions and his followers, then u can judge yourself .

Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams :

This is not the first time someone have asked me this or told me all this.

My hubby and me are not followers of Naqshabandi Haqqani Tariqat and Shaykh Hisham is not our Shaykh. We are followers of Tariqat Rasullulah (saw). Our late Ustaz, Almarhum Ustaz Abdillah Aljufri have taught us that we must follow amalan warid by our Prophet such as Wiridul Latif and Reciting of Ratib Alhadad and Alattas.
We love our Habaibs from the land of Hadramaut such at Hafizullah Habib Umar bin Hafiz.

With that being said, I understand your views but this topic is very controversial and it is something I think a follower of Naqshabandi or an Ulama' can answer. I am not the right person and am in no position to comment.

Yes, I have seen the videos on YouTube and have seen ladies salam the Shaykh and I too wonder why.
Nontheless, in those public lectures that I have attended given by Shaykh Hisham, he has never spoken ill of Rasullulah (saw), in fact, he is always pro sunnah. I do respect him and I do have some good friends who are Naqshabandis.

Bro, thanks for your comment and May Allah bless you.

adikbongsu said...

ummu Habib, jazakillahu khairan for this post ... very good reminders and thought provoking entry, can't wait for the continuation :)

Ummi's BLOG said...


The woman : yes, sadly racism exist in between arabs, indian muslims and malays. But the funny part is we all pray to Allah and are Umats of Nabi Muhammad (saw)...Isnt a shame ? ...we can only pray that Allah cleans our hearts and make us be far away from Pride and Prejudice.

Kak Banun : hee..it was a v interesting talk that night although I will probably cut down my noted by alot cos many of the stories told are rather complicating.

Anonymous said...

Salaam to all

I urge the writer of this blog not to use Syeikh Hisham as an example of a good Muslim and to carry his words. The videos in youtube clearly showed the misleading practices that he and his people did that are definitely out of Islam. If u really could not see the misleading practices, either u r dumb or Allah has yet to open up the truth to u.

By the way, im not the other anonymous who share the same opinion with me of Syeikh Hisham. And im glad that there are many Muslims that Allah had shown the true guidance. Alhamdulilah.

Anonymous said...

There is one more thing that needs mentioning.

I read and also see that many of us are mislead into loving our habibs from hadramaut. However, i wonder, why the same treatment is not accorded to our beloved prophet, Muhammad s.a.w? U loved the habaibs and their tarikat so much that when someone say things which are facts and go against the practices of these tarikats, many of u will be angry. However when facts are presented to u to follow the sunnah so that u will be save, u deny it blatantly.

Tell me, which is 100 times safer to follow? Our prophet Muhammad or the habaibs who practices tarikats?

Tarikats are rituals that have not been exemplified by Muhammad.

Save yrself from being dumb and most importantly from the hellfire.