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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Lift...

I was blogging about how terrible I feel and whining and whining how I want some ME time.... but in the end, I deleted everything cos "ME time" just sounds so selfish to me. I guess there are just some things that I can only tell my hubby or to our creator Allah (swt).

At this moment, I regret dressing shabbily on a Monday, it just worsens the Monday Blues. My back is aching, calves strained , brain tired and emotionally drained. Insya'allah, tomorrow will be a better day.

So bloggy, let me tell you one of the more interesting happenings of the last weekend. Yeah, there were many, but this one takes the cake - My dear son got trapped in the lift albeit for a split second.

Yeah..I know...Gasp.... Can you imagine my fear or even his ?

I read from a fellow sister's blog not too long ago about how her boy got trapped in a lift alone and the lift went up and her boy was like 6 years old, but still he cried. That was scary enough.

Well, It happened when we were going out of my in law's flat to go home that afternoon. MIL and hubby were outside the narrow corridor talking. Hubby at the same time was tying his shoe lace.

Little Habib had his shoes on before he stepped out of the flat, and he dash along the corridor to the lift landing on the same floor cos he was already familiar with the area.

I was slowly walking out of the flat with my tummy in tow, and FIL was behind me looking at all of us leaving.

Just then, I saw Little Habib running to the lift lobby very fast, and in my heart, I just felt something not right, as if we would be so unlucky and the lift door would be OPEN for him to enter. My instinct told me to rush and I rush to my boy while the others were oblivious to what happen and chatting.

As soon as I reach the lift landing, I saw the door close, I didnt get to see who is in the lift but I cant find Little Habib outside of the lift area !!!! ( this lift is an old , non upgraded kind of life with no openings to see who is inside )

So he must be inside right ?! I suddenly remember Kak Sri's boy, and I screamed " Abang!!! " and press the lift button.

The lift door was going up, but it jerked.....and the door opened....Little Habib was already screaming in tears with is hands up in the air like he was hysterical. I rushed in to hug him and then he quietened down upon the sight of me. Alhamdullilah, OH Allah, I cant be more thankful.

I was so lost for words, when hubby, FIL and MIL came rushing.

The sickening funny part is when they realised that Little Habib was safe, they all smile, laugh and thought how cute he was to explore the lift alone. Of cos, I did not find it funny, too lost for words, heart beating so fast and all I could do was stare hard at my son for being so mischievous to go in the lift alone and how I took it for granted to not hold on to him. I guess, such is the feeling only an UMMI would feel.

I mean, I was angry with myself for giving him the trust to be on his own without holding on to him, but I'm the one pregnant and slow here. And kids beings kids....

So this is definitely a lesson for me. We, parents, learn something new everyday as our child grows.

Just when you think he is so cute, he can really make my breath stop for a second.
*shakes head and trying to smile*


sriberry said...

Alhamdulillah for the safety of lil Habib!Alhamdulillah!n he is just two..I hope he was not traumatic what just happened..alhamdulillah for being on time Ummi:)
I can really empathise with you Ummi..my heart almost fell out when my husain was in the same situation..button not working,went from grd floor right to a very hifloor..his twin brother freaking out at the same time with me n hub trying to control our emotion..yes Ummi..a mother's protection n love is rather..should i say incomparable...we feel guilty easily if anything were to happen...but things happen with Allah's will all the same..

you take care ummi:)hugs*

nor said...

oh dear! sorry to hear abt yr Lil' Habib...glad his alrite. and im one paranoid mom too when my kids are concerned.

Cinderella said...

Hi Ummi, lucky that you managed to press the lift button Just On Time!

Otherwise, Little Habib will be either be at the 9th or 12th storey and what will happen if there's other people in the lift?

Cute boy thinks that 'Belum try belum tahu!' So skrang dah tahu, mesti takut nak buat lagi. Hehe..

Ummi's BLOG said...


Kak SRI : hee hee, he didnt seem traumatised except for that split second, but I hope he wont ever go in the lift alone again...agaknyer, I yg tramatised..haha. Yes, yr right, a mothers protection is incomparable and alhamdullilah, Allah have saved us from any harm once again. really bersyukur...

Sis Nor : entahlah, i dont want to be over paranoid,but things like this really gets me so nervous ! Maybe its the 1st child syndrome ?

Cinderella : yar man soooo lucky i was there in the nick of time. If it had gone up, me in a preggy state would leap stairs to reach the 9th floor i tell ya.
This is not cute lor...really dangerous lehz...but kids only learn this way I guess.

Anonymous said...

Aah thats normal sign of a boy who likes to explore the world on his own and face the challenges of the real world..

Anonymous said...

betul jugak...should not really be too protectective eh...: )

Anonymous said...

habib the explorer! hehe.. masyaAllah if i were u, mesti dah gelabaan punya..alhamdulillah sib tak apaper..i mean tercepit ke, lift suddenly jam ke..isyyhh

kak dewi

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah.. little habib is ok. Yes, i am that paranoid about my kids too..maybe i get this from my sis and mum who is also about the same as me if not more haha.. but im glad they are as paranoid too.. makes me safe when my kids are with them..
just a tot.. people have different ways of dealing with situations especially panicky ones.. i know your in laws really well and they are really some of the best relatives that i know.. im sure that they mean well when they say it like that.. maybe they are trying to make light of the situation and calm you dow.. imagine if they too get all panicky and upset.. everyone might end up crying, frightening little habib more :) anyway..you take care dear.. dah lama tak jumpa your baby.. kisses for him :)

Anonymous said...

oh yes..that was from me ( id ) lupa nak letak nama ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...


Oou Kak Dewi, yr rite, what if my boy stop the lift door from closing with his hands and tercepit.... masya'allah.. glad that did not happen... *sigh of relieve*....

ID : tu lah, me is a paranoid mummy.. hubby and his family pulak on the other hand, can be quite relax and says let the boy learn... clash of personalities, but balance i guess..heh.

*hugs and kisses for yr 2 darlings as well*

Anonymous said...

ahhh ... it happens to me too! glad lil habib is orait.. so do too the ummi :)