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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

27th Rejab

Tonite, once again, when Magrib arrives, the date will turn 27 Rejab.

Many Many years ago on the night of 27th Rejab, Our Prophet Muhammad ( saw ) went on the journey of Isra' Mi'raj. An amazing one, that we Muslims, people of faith, MUST believe in.

Last year, I read HJH Aminah Adil's book to refresh my memories on Isra' Mi'raj... This year, sad to say, I dont have much energy to read... but as as when Im free, I did go to our sister's blog here to revise on the events of Isra' Mi'raj. May Allah (swt) bless her for her efforts in writing the events in a special blog.

I read this part :

Lalu Jibril naik ke langit dan Rasulullah s.a.w meneruskan perjalanan beliau sehingga bertemu dengan sekelompok orang-orang Ansar yang sedang berbual-bual dan ketawa-ketawa, lalu berkata Rasulullah s.a.w kepada mereka : Apakah kamu ketawa-ketawa sedang dibelakangmu neraka Jahannam! Sekiranya kamu ketahui akan apa yang aku ketahui, sungguh kamu akan ketawa sedikit dan menangis banyak, kamu tidak akan makan dan tidak akan minum, malah akan menuju ke tempat-tempat yang tinggi untuk bermohon perlindungan Allah.”

and Im reminded that sometimes its just best to keep quiet, and think of the afterlife and what is waiting for us. Is it Heaven or Hell.... ? Its better to cry than laugh. I think a person who cries alot in prayers asking for forgiveness is better than someone who has much wealth and only thinks of Duniya. I would prefer to be quiet and cry or reflect rather than be jovial and laugh, but somehow in today's context, a person who is quiet and likes to reflects on life and afterlife is a Boring person....
Well, I guess there is a time and place for everything huh.....

Tonite, Hubby will be at the Masjid .... Insya'allah to attend the majlis, meet up with buddies and eat Briyani Dam. ( better tapoa abit for me hor... )
As for me, I'll be at home to take care of my little boy. Lets see if I can do some quran reading too. Need to brush up on Surah Maryam.

Rejab, you are leaving us too quickly....too quickly.


Anonymous said...

masyaAllah, thks for ur du'a sis! semoga kita semua akan sama2mendapat manfaat dan akan sentiasa mendapat rahmat dariNya, insyaAllah :)

kak dewi

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks Kak, insya'allah.. you did a good job there with the blog, also a referral material for your kids eh....

: ) love u kakak for Allah's sake.

adikbongsu said...

am trying hard to be quiet but habit lah so difficult to get rid of it.. :(

Ummi's BLOG said...

Kak Banun,

I was once, quite chatty (mak nenek) but than I change when I learn more ilmu.
Than when I had my boy, I become chatty again..haha... but still if you ask me, Id prefer being quiet and reflective.
I guess there is really a time to be chatty and there is a time to be quiet and there will come a time in your life where you just want to be quiet.. kan ? : )