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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Menempuh Jalan Ke Surga @ Masjid Darul Aman

Hubby and Little Habib salams Habib Abdullah at the end of the ceramah...

Alhamdullilah, syukur sangat sangat Ummi rasa bila semalam kami sekeluarga dapat ke Masjid Darul Aman untuk hadiri ceramah Al Habib Abdullah Bin Hussein AlMasyhur dari kota Medina.
Everytime para habaib comes to visit our country, I get so happy and pray hard that we as a family including Little Habib gets to attend, and secondly, May Little Habib gets doa khusus from the Habib direct. I pray and I leave it in God's hands if its written as our destiny that we can make it to the syarahan.

Alhamdullilah, yesterday night, not only did we attend, we listen to the pearls of wisdom and advise from Al Habib, and at the end of it, Hubby and Little Habib salam the Habib and Al Habib put his blessed palms on Little Habib's head to make doa.
Ya Rabb, semoga doa Habib Abdullah itu memberi Maanfaat pada hidup anak ku dengan izin mu. Ameen.

It wasnt a huge crowd but substantial enough. There was space for me to sit by the corner upstairs and Little Habib was playing around me and looking at the pretty kakaks smiling at him. He only asked for his Abah at the last part of the syarahan, causing me to miss the last story that Al Habib told as I had to bring him down to his Abah!

Started with Ustaz Leyakat Ali addressing the crowd, then the translator, a Kiyaie from Indonesia gave a short introduction of Habib Abdullah.

Basically, Al Habib stuck to the topic and advise us on the main ways to be on the path to heaven.

1. Al Habib says that we must have Ilmu so that Allah (swt) will bless us with happiness.

2. Allah (swt) also order us to seek forgiveness ( Istigfar ) quickly when we make sins as heavens is the place for Al Muttaqqin, yang BerTaqwa.

3. Donate, Infaq your harta, belongings, wealth when you are in a state of richness and Insya'allah when you are poor, Allah (swt) will ease your poorness and worries.

4. Forgive someone eventhough it is difficult to. Al Habib narrated a story about a man whose slave killed his child. Eventhough its hurts him so much, he forgave his slave and also let him free ( merdeka kan hamba ). This is the characteristic of Ahli Syurga.

5. Once when Rasullulah (saw) was sitting with his sahabah in the mosque, a man walked in, and Rasullulah (saw) pointed to his sahabahs that that man is an Ahli Syurga.

" Lihatlah orang it, dialah calon ahli syurga."
One of the sahabah followed the man home and asked if he could stay at the man's house for a few days as secretly he wanted to see what are the amals that the man does that makes him Ahli Syurga.
After a fews days of staying at the mans house, the sahabat discovered that there was nothing special about that man. He neither did Qiamulail or fast during the day. So the sahabat confessed his intentions and he asked the man, what was his amal that made Rasulullah ( saw ) pointed him as Ahli Syurga?
The man says " I dont have any special amal, but I do one thing before I sleep which is to forgive everyone and not hold any grudge against anyone. "

6. Al Habib says that sesorang manusia yang tidak takabor dan tidak ada hasad akan hatinya suci dan terjaga. Sesiapa hatinya terjaga, Allah (swt) akan catat tidurnya sebagai Ibadah, apalagi hidupnya.
Hasad Dengki akan memakan amal kita macam api membakar kayu.

Al Habib narrated a story about a man who was jealous of the King's messenger because the King was very close to his messenger, that he told the King " Your messenger says that he cannot stand you as when you talk to him, you have bad breath."

The kings was furious and said " What? He said this of me? ... Summon him to me now! "
As the messenger was walking to meet the King, the jealous man stopped him in his tracks and offered him to eat alot of food and in the food, the jealous man put onions and other pungent food. After the hearty meal, the kind messenger walked towards the King and noticed that his own breath stings. So when he spoke to the King, he close his mouth and face so that the King will not be affected with his bad breath.
The King noticed that the messenger keeps covering his face with his palms so in the Kings heart, he felt that what the other man told him was true and that his messenger must have said that he had bad breath.

The King was furious and wrote a letter, seal it and gave it to the messenger. " Send this Letter to this person ".
The Messenger took the letter and went on his way to deliver the letter.

Now each time the messenger delivers a parcel, gift or letter from the King to anyone, the messenger will get a huge tip. So in the middle of his journey, the jealous man stopped the kind messenger in his tracks and say " Where are you going Oh Messenger ? ".

The Kind Messenger says " Im going to deliver this letter to this person as per the king's instructions."
The jealous man says " Please give me the letter and I will deliver it. I need the tip as I have a wife and many children to support."

The kind messengers says " Ok" as he was a kind hearted man.

When the jealous man took the king's letter and deliver it to the man and eager to get his tip, the man read the letter and say " Do you know what the letter says? "

The jealous man says " No, I was only instructed to pass it to you. "
The man responded " Well the letter says the KING has oredered me to kill the person who delivers the letter to me".....So the man killed the jealous man.

Rasullulah (saw) has said whoever wants to destroy a person, he will be the one destroyed instead. That was the moral of the story. As for the kind messenger, he reached the castle and the King was shocked to see him and they both cleared the misunderstanding and lived happily every after.

7. Al Habib advised us to always baik sangka towards human beings. If we are in trouble or in difficult times or if we fall, always take it as a ni'mah.

8. If we sakit hati or feel jealous towards someone, Habib advise us to doa good things for that person and with that doa, it will cure us. " Ya Allah, berilah hamba itu lebih baik dari apa yang dia ada sekarang."
Allah ( swt ) will hilangkan the hasad dengki in our hearts.

9. Al Habib says that ahli syurga are people who have sifat Siddique. Their thoughts are fair and truthful. Assiddique.

When Habib Imam Abdul Qadir Al Jailani was very young, his mother sent him on a hajj trip with a group. His mother did not follow him, but she gave him 10 dirham for his trip and sew it in his sleeves so that this money could not be seen by others. Before Habib Imam Abdul Qadir Al Jailani left his house, his mother advised him to always be truthful to her and never to lie.

On the way to the city of Mecca, their group was hijaked by a band of theives who took all the money the group had. When the theives asked small Habib Imam Abdul Qadir Al Jailani if he had any money with him, he replied "Yes" and showed them his sewn sleeves.
They did not believe him but when they cut his sleeves, they found the 10 dirham. They laugh and say " Oh little boy, why did you tell us you have this money and not lie to us when you could?"
Small Habib Imam Abdul Qadir Al Jailani says " It was because I never want to go against my mother as she told me never to tell a lie."
The band of theives who were all kafirins, were so touched by the honesty of this small boy that they all converted to Islam.
Al Habib said that this was a character of someone who was truthful. Allah will always love people who have a clean heart.

10. The last part before Al Habib made doa was about the path to Jannah was for people who always think and fear the tortures of hell fire and always think of Allah (swt). ( I didnt get to hear the story cos my son was already bugging me to bring him to his Abah. )

I hope what I have written here will help me in my Journey to Ihsan which is my path to syurga and may it help any of my friends and if there are any readers too. Insya'allah.

What I have written is a gist of what the translator has said through Habib Abdullah Bin Hussein Al Masyhur, and if there are any mistakes, it was only made by me.

May Allah (swt) forgive me and bless my family for our efforts in being on the right path. May Allah (swt) place my son in the path that Rasullulah (saw) teaches us to be and make him a sollihin. May Allah give blessings to the baby inside of me to love meeting Habaibs and Orang Orang Soleh too and always be on the right path.

May Allah (swt) allow me to practise what I have just written in this humble Blog. I am nothing but a Hamba Allah, May I be cleanse of any Hasad Dengki.

Istajib Ya' Allah.. Ameen. ( Ok, I am getting emotional ... )


Oh yes, as per Ukhti27 blog, I have bought this book for $10 after the syarahan. It is indeed a gem and I will use it for referral in my daily life. It includes Doa, Adaps, Faedah and selawats. Alhamdullilah.


ukhti27 said...

BismiLlah wal HamduliLlah.
As-Salamu`alaikum wa RahmatuLlah...

Al HamduliLlah, barakALLAHu fiki ya Habibati diatas perkongsian ini.

Semoga ALLAH Subhana wa Ta`ala memperkenankan doa mu itu dengan barakah RasuluLlah ShalALLAHu`alaihiwasalam wa baraka `alaih wa `ala alih...

Dan limpahan AnugerahNYA Subhana wa Ta`ala semoga senantiasa menaungi dan membimbing mu berserta keluarga pada keluhuran yang abadi. ALLAHumma amiin.

Fi amaniLlah wALLAHu a`lam bisawab.

Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi, many thanks for the sharing.

Ummi's BLOG said...

- Wa'alaikumsalam wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.....dear Ukti27,

Jazakillahu Khairan atas doa ukti buat diri ummi dan keluarga...
I love love love your blog !

- Salaams Anonymous,

: )..... semoga Manfaat.


sriberry said...

Salam Ummi
Ksri rasa bersyukur dapat ilmu di sini walaupun tak hadir majlis penuh barakah itu...thanks for sharing dik:)I love entries camni...again..purifying our souls has to be THE thing to do..not that easy but do-able insya'Allah:)
Have good days ahead n take care:)

Ummi's BLOG said...

Thanks Kak sri for the reminder... love you : )