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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Chisty Maulid...

I so love Maulids. Ask me to choose one of my favourite gatherings and definitely, maulid will be in the list.

Alhamdullilah, Last Sunday's maulid was a blessed and comfortable event.

The host was hubby's masjid friend. He's a Chisty and of course I met lots of Chisty women and Masya'allah, they are very friendly people. We could clicked and we all cant wait to meet again next year as they hold yearly maulids.

I even met a chisty lady who is the manager of a well known all-woman spa and she and me had a little chat on what kind of spa packages I could benefit from. One of them is Jamu Tummy Wrap !! Hee hee.. Wayan, you have a competitor.....!

Hubby's friends wife, whose 30 with 3 kids and still looks stunning was so welcoming and friendly eventhough its the first time we met.. glad I made another friend. Mum met some of her Angullia relatives too. Apparently, the host of the maulid and me are are related through our angullia blood...

The maulid was a simple affair. Not Diba'ie or Al Habsyi. Just Selawats, Qashidah and a short english ceramah from Ustaz Iqbal and Ustaz Yaseer who is Shaykh Ma'sud's son. Habib Esa, Hubby's Masjid Abdul Razak " gang " and his cousin Farhan were amongst the guest. After the ceramah, the men held a short question and answer session. Interesting. The ustaz open the question and answer session for the ladies, but non of us were brave enough to ask any questions.

I brought along Mum and sis. Alhamdullilah sis and mum loved the event and my sis loved it so much that she wants to organise our own maulid too Insya'allah. So far, Ustaz Hassan can confirm his attendance. Still needs to look for someone who can cook for 40-50 pax and invite some other orang alim for the gathering.

Ustaz says, when we attend Maulid, we must ensure that we benefit from attending it. Read the sirah in the Maulid. Dont attend 10 maulids and still dont understand its contents ...

Ustaz also spoke on y we attend Maulid. I guess the most basic answer is because we love our Prophet (saw) and because of that, we hold such events. Of course, Ustaz elaborated on it .... ( which I will not write down )...

Ustaz Iqbal giving short ceramah.

Ustaz Yaseer's turn.

My hubby ( back view ) in the gathering.


nor said...

salaam sis,

ustz yasser did FaithHub talk at an nadha mosque 2mths back..and i tink ustz Iqbal is in the list of our next talk/lecture series..;)

btw, is the maulid at ustz mohsin's place ?

Ummi's BLOG said...


U know, I thought I wld see you there since u are active with Faith hub.

No its not at Ustaz Mohsin's place. Hubby's friend name is Fareez Chisty. Nephew of Saleem Chisty.

nor said...

hehehe...ustz mohsin is currently teaching the Youth class for FaithHub, and my son is in his class. and currently also FH is using Saleem Chisty education premises for our classes.

sis, u know abt a talk tis Sat, by Ustz Mokhtar Stork and australian convert at Saleem Chisty edu ctr..i'll b there, insya allah. U want i can sms u dtails. :)

Anonymous said...

you can ask umi rafeah to ccok ..if you want details just sms me k.. very sedap :)


Ummi's BLOG said...

Sis Nor :oh yar, I do have the flyer somewhere at my home. It was given out at the Chisty Maulid. Ok do, sms me..will see if I can make it. Thanks.

ID : Great.. I'll sms you soon for the details...

ummu nabil said...

Did I hear s/p/a?

Kat mane? SMS me...! Hehe..

(Cheh, bab Maulid takmo sentuh.. Spa jugak si dekni tanya :p )