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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Nite feelings...

Alhamdullilah.... first time I'm blogging on My new Pink VAIO..... wuhoooo... !

Syukran Jazillan to my Dear Hubby for this expensive gift which I did not expect at all.... I love U honey ! 3 years and counting... insya'allah....

A few more days to our 3rd NIQAH anniversary..... lots of ups and some downs of course... BUT still going strong huh..... YOU are still my BEST friend and my BEST advisor.

So Ive gotten these posters and pasted it in the Little Habib's Room and he's really interested in the Hurufs and every time he see's the solat poster, he goes " ALLAH HU AKBAR " ...and demonstrates the act of solah... Masya'allah.... 20 months now.

I've really come this far...
and my life's journeys seems like its just beginning
and the horizons is still so so far...
Life in all its glory, is short.
No matter how far the distance I think I have,
every step I take must be as a good Muslimah..

"Fear only Allah and others will fear you" .... ( hubby reminded me in the car just now cos I was afraid to face someone ... )


Anonymous said...

Salam Ummi.

Masya'Allah, lil Habib must be really adorable when he says "Allahu Akhbar" kan?

Well, you can always drop by if you're free. Just give us a call or something. Meanwhile, I can't wait to see the little one.


Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Cuz,

Insya'allah..will let abg H knows..maybe if we r free this weekend or smtg...cos bulan maulid, alot of events to attend : )

salaams to ur mum k...