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Friday, December 14, 2007

AIF ! good news for me.

Im so happi.. I have to blog.

My close friend has gotten a job at Wisma Indah, Kembangan...meaning she is sooo close to me now, rather than me in the east and she in the west. Guess I'll bump into her more often cos sometimes me and hubby and the little one performs Isyak at Masjid Kassim or sometimes on the way home from work, I'll perform Asar at Masjid Kassim.

Its not a matter of long conversations. Its just knowing that she's happy and fine makes me happy too. I dont know why. I guess she's one of my few friends whom I can see jannah on their faces. It must be the nur. Hee... yay !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, pal! Will look forward to seeing you and Lil Habib more often in the future, insha'Allah, although I'm expecting to go home early on most days...;-) And May Allah gather us with everyone we love in Jannah, insha'Allah.