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Friday, December 14, 2007

AIF !....


Guess you've noticed. Ive been too busy to blog.

Its really frustrating that I have thousands of thoughts that passed by my head each day and some of them are "killer" stories which I would like to restore the memories in my blog yet, I just cant find the time to write.
And when I finally have time to write, I dont remember what actually was important enough.

Its been a busy month at work. But busyness is good cos it means the company is making money and my role is important. Somehow, I love this new job despite it not being as easy as it looks.

Yes, Bloggy, I didnt mention it to you. I left that miserable job of mine end of Ramadhan and join my good friend Sherlyn's at her company. Im now based in the heart of Raffles city, so good riddence to Novena..! oops I meant goodbye Novena. Its fated I guess, I desperately prayed for a way out, and on the eve of Ramadhan, Sherlyn called me again to offer me a position.
This time, I accepted. There was no point in me staying in a place which made me 'rich', but gave me 'pain'.

Its nearly 3 months. Im some sort ‘heading’ my department in Singapore's office eventhough Im still new. My senior left after one month after I join, my other senior went to marketing department, leaving me with a new colleague. My GM is here with me but my supervisor is based in Hongkong meaning we only communicate via MSN or Phone. My new teammate is a darling sweet girl, though I feel that she can be faster in her work.

Thought I don’t really yearn for it anymore, my wish of becoming a housewife one day still stays deep in my heart although, Im thankfull Allah (swt) has given me this job which I find is just right for me. My colleagues all 8 of them are just the friendliest family lot and the teamwork here is just great. Im happy and Im sure YOU are happy for me too.

I worry for some of my friends who are still finding jobs. I pray that they will find something that suits them and gives them happiness and blessings all at the same time.

Having a good heart is really important to be a Mukmin and being a Mukmin is a Jihad. There are so many desires to fight daily and so many temptations to avoid. Tonight is Hawaiin night, we are all having a party at East Coast to celebrate Christmas. Yeah..me and Christmas... dont quite gel. Bummer, but to promote inter-culural, inter-religion harmony amongst us, its best I go as long as I behave. Besides, all my colleagues wanted me to go.

Some of my colleagues asked if I can open my headscarf and some ask if I can drink cos there will be drinks…. Talk about Ignorance at its peak. Anyway, I explained to them that Im a muslim and its purely due to religion that I cant do all those. Today Im wearing a long spaghetti strap floral beach dress with a long sleeve tee-shirt inside and of cos Tudung. I wanted to tie a gypsy like scarf but damn, no matter how hard I tried, I coudnt pull it of like you, Hayati.. haha….

Not looking forward to the party. I know.., Im sooo boring. Its been like that eversince I stepped into motherhood. My friends always get rejected when they want to ask me out for dinner or shopping or coffee. Im full of excuses when the real excuse is, I'd rather be with my son and hubby.

Sherwin and Janvie, my best pals, I miss you both.

I feel bad for not meeting up, but still after work, all I want to do is see my son. Terrible right. That’s me I guess. Still hopefully, I’ll be able to try and find time for my friends again. Losing them would be a shame cost they brought so much laughter in my life prior to motherhood.

My Kuliah on Sunday evenings are on Hold till the first week of Jan. My ustaz got invitation to perform the Haj from the Saudi government. Alhamdullilah. He left to Mecca last Wednesday. See, when the time is right, an invitatation will come one way or another. Siti Nurhaliza has also left for Haj. Lucky lady…..Wonder, will she come back all hijabbed or ….. ? One can only wait and see.

From one friday to another. Smile. Do good deeds. Cleanse the heart. Insyallah….

Innallàha wa malâikatahû yusallûna 'alan-nabiyy, yâ ayyuhalladhîna âmanû sallû alayhi wa sallimû taslîmâ. (Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet: O ye that believe! Send ye blessings on him, and salute him with all respect.) 33:56


Ummu Nabil said...

Hah.. Tak sempat nak update, skali update two in a day! Hehe..

I can't imagine you misbehaving at a gathering, really. You don't strike me as the kind of lady that would get up onto the table and start doing a Crazy Horse number. Hee.. Just kidding.

Girl, you need a turtleneck to wear the gypsy scarf and green light from hubby! It was ok to wear that gypsy scarf style in winter in Turkey cos we were pretty much wrapped up to the nose anyway. Tapi kat tanahair susah sket ;)

Ummi's BLOG said...

haha.. tu ah, i was trying a turtleneck tee jugak tapi tak suit with the theme pun..heh.