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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Moody me...

Dear bloggy,
Its been awhile... not that I've forgotten you....

I have not been in the best of moods lately hence the hiatus. Actually, its no good to have an angry blog, so I decided to be quiet for awhile.

Some things are really bothering me and I need time to clear it out of my system. Furthermore, topped with a terrible cough, I didnt have the mood to write.

In fact, Im in a lousy mood now. Its the first time Im ever wearing foundation with compact powder on my face and. I wonder if I feel lousy because my skin is not breathing ! Im not a person who wears make up, more of a baby powder and lipstick lady, but lately, someone has commented that I look plain and needs to revamp my look.
And another someone commented that I should start carrying branded bags. Yeah, again Im in the topic of branded bags. Never ending it seems. Am I to be looked down upon if I dont carry a branded bag ? Im wondering if that person said that because she really genuinely cares for me or because she's just someone who thinks of worldly things. Its just not me yet Im so easily influenced.

Im still in between 2 path. Its either I revamp my look , style and material things or I throw all those thoughts away and concentrate on being a person who does not care of material things. Will you still like me if Im just a simple lady who carries a cheap handbag ? Will you still like me if I dont use expensive baju kurung ? Will you sill be close to me if I dont have expensive things like you do ?

I also feel that Im really slacking on my ibadah or reading eversince Ramadhan left. My religious classes are still close and it seems that Im getting further from my destination which is to be a pious person.

Next week , masjid Sultan will be holding the haul of Almarhum Ustaz Abdillah. Its sad that he has left us. He is my best guru. Habib Abbas is already old and uzur too. I seriously worry for my son's future. Who can he hold on to considering Singapore seems short of ulama's. I can only think of Ustaz Hasbi bin Hasan or Ustaz Hasan Saifouridzal at this moment. Or maybe Dentist Ahmad, can we put little habib under your wings ?

My hubby's is going for a job interview tomorrow, insya'allah if he gets this job, then alot of things will change. I guess for one, branded bags might no longer be an issue. I pray that if its for the better, May Allah grant us this rezeki.

Im also on leave tomorrow. I need the rest. It feels like morning sickness today but it just cant be lah.. maybe its just PMS.

till then.. i'll talk to you again when I feel better.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ummi,

Don't worry. If you feel like buying branded goods and wearing make up because of undue pressure from your vain colleaugues, I think go ahead and buy. No need to feel guilty, just enjoy pleasing others to survive in this world. Jokers will realise it one day and you get to have a feel of branded good also he he! Be strong

I am a medical professional and i have not bought any branded stuff yet though Allah has blessed me the with means to buy , but I had and have been using all 'branded good' and expensive make up money to help a poor soul smile.

Our prophet's love for the poor was so deep that he used to pray " Oh Allah , keep me poor in my life and at my death and raise me at resurrection among those who are poor" dont be disturbed by these "vanity bags" They are people with no subsatance, to me they are innocent ......

take care

Ummi's BLOG said...

kudos..im happy there are people like you around...

i remember Rasullulah s.a.w also said that if we were to hold a feast,there is no blessings in the majlis if there isnt any poor people as guest... hmm, i dont know how is this related to my topic, but im sure what Rasullulah s.a.w wants us to do is to always remember the poor.

Like you Anonymous, alhamdullilah, I too have the means to buy if I wanted too. But the only thing Im scared of while using these branded things are the feelings of RIAK and Takabur. I guess I know myself better and to avoid having this devilish pesona, its better I stick to Esprit and Adidas rather than Coach and LV.
well, we never know...

Ummu .......... said...

Salaam Ummi,

Be yourself
Be comfortable with who you are
Be plain, rather than added stress

Have I ever care what others say
"Hey you, tak pakai handbag ke?
"Hey you are no longer a school girl. Why still carry haversack?"
"Teruklah kau ni, baju pun tak seterika." (hello... at times only ok)

These comments are so lame to me as if I were to listen to them all, I will feel th UNNECESSARY STRESSSSS. No point. Be myself and be comfortable.

In addition, talking about branded stuff.... they are not very necessary, that's my opinion. Let us think again. Kalau sekali sekala tu maybe patutlah - I understand that each may want to reap certain thing/s as a reward of hardwork to himself i.e. penat lelah kerje tu, naklah tengok hasilnya. Ade benda yang tak branded, kalau tahu padankan, nampak elok juga pada pandangan awam.

Last but not least, if your hubby feels happy with who you are, the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, then be it. Remember Islam teaches us, kalau nak lawa, untuk suami. And as long as we follow the Islamic guidance of dressing up and akhlaq, Insya Allah we are in the safe side. And May Allah protect us from being too close in terms of worldly materials. Ameen

Ummi's BLOG said...

you are right ummu. I admire people who are strong as you who carries a haversack, and dont give in to such remarks.

I for one am weak. I tend to think about what people say about me. Thats y, its nice to have friends like you who give me some sort of guidance and bring me back to who I really want to be.

You will not be this way forever, insyallah, your rezeki will bertambah, and then you will reap your rewards. Im sure... amin.

Anonymous said...


hope you did not misunderstood my words. What I meant is I am very poor and born poor without anything. Somebody nourished me with everything and I am very greatful to ALLAH. I still want to be poor and I thank Allah for blessing our little "Ummi Sweetheart" . May Allah bless us with good health and good spirit to spread the word of Islam


Ihsan said...

The question is...will I still be friends with you if you wear branded goods...haha, just joking ah.

There was once, I bought a pair of shoes which I like to look at because I really love it, within days it was stolen.

You buy something expensive, you end up taking care of it, instead of it taking care of you or fulfilling your needs...

But as long as u can afford it, I guess there's nothing wrong abt it. The world will always talk - let them be. :)

Ummi's BLOG said...


ihsan, v funny !

thats the thing.. the world is always talking... about material wealth. How about if we talk about poverty for a change ? Im sure no one likes being around me if Id do that..

Anonymous said...

Honey, you can look like a million bucks without spending a million bucks! Hehe.. But that's from the material point-of-view.

Let people say what they want! Buat bodoh jer...

~Ummu Nabil

Ummi's BLOG said...

tu lah ummu Nabil, I have to learn to "buat Bodoh".

Imam ghazali says that orang "gila" cannot be imam.. and by Gila, he means : orang yang berpenyakit hati yang tak pernah puas dan suka ada apa yang orang ada kalau tak hati dia sakit.
semoga kita berdua tak termasuk dalam golongan orang yang "gila"...

Anonymous said...

Amin! Contentment is as hard to pursue and achieve as happiness. If you are content with what you have, I believe happiness will follow naturally ;)

Branded bags (or other material things) tak ikut masuk kubur dan takde guna buat kita bila kita masuk kubur. Hehe...

~Ummu Nabil