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Sunday, October 7, 2007

La Tahzan - the last part

This is the last part of the La Tahzan Ceramah which I attended last Sunday at Masjid Gufran. Insyallah, may it benefit us all and most importantly, make me a stronger person. Amin.

Ustaza said:

"Allah put us in the world with a purpose. The purpose is for him to Test Us.

Rasullulah (saw) advised us not to fight evil with evil. Orang yg beriman dont hold grudges for long.

When Allah test us, eg with the death of someone close, or with reziki that is not enough, dont give up hope. Must be patient.

Dont always think of the past. What is past, will never come back. Live for Today. Tomorrow may not even come.

Have an ambition that each day will be YOUR day and use it to do good things.

Eventhough someone has done anything bad to you, forgive that person kerana Allah. Eventhough by forgiving that person, you dont get anything out of it, its ok because Allah (swt) knows.

But do it with ikhlas or whatever Amalans must be Ihklas because if not, it will just be in vain.

Always looks at someone's good deeds, not bad.

Be good to our parents. We are not the same level as them, so there must be a certain amount of Respect.

Whatever challenges we face, Dont Be Sad because remember that Allah (swt) is watching. He is watching you when you are crying.

If we were to do anything good, dont Bangkit. Allah knows our good deeds. We dont have to keep telling people , expecting anything in return.

Bringing up about a certain good deed that youve done to get anything in return will erase the pahala.

Dont be sad if people critique you for your good deeds. Remember they are the ice on the mountain, and you are the mountain. You will stay strong and they will eventually melt.

We live for Allah (swt), not for people's comments. Dont be in this group. G.O.L.F





If anyone have done anything bad to you, forgive that person, but you dont need to be close to such a person.

let peoples look down on us, as long as Allah (swt) dont look down on us.

Life is short. Considerings Rasullullah (swt) age when he wafat, 63 years old. We will aslo live around that age. Anything more, is a Bonus. Dont waste your life by always feeling sad.

Dont depend on Humans. Humans can dissappoint us. Depend solely on Allah (swt) because Allah (swt) wont let us down.

Always zikir Hasbunallah hu wa Ni'mal wakil

Whatever time we have , spend it wisely asper in Surah Wal Asri.

1. By Al-'Asr (the time).
2. Verily! Man is in loss,
3. Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth which Allah hass ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds which Allah has forbidden), and recommend one another to patience.

Orang orang yang beriman, will not lose hope in the Rahmat that Allah (swt) can give. He can change things in a blink of an eye.

Iman is to be Yakin to the fullest of Yakin. "


Anonymous said...

Salaam Ummi,

May god bless you for spending sometime to awaken others. i tell you, we are very similar in a lot of ways. This Ramadhan is also the best Ramadhan I had, though I am going throgh a tough transition in my life. Really Allah test you to give the best in your life. I have to be patient.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If Allah loves some people, He will test them. Whoever is pleased in it, Allah will be pleased with him, and whoever is embittered by it, Allah will be displeased with him.” There are 3 levels of Sabr:

1. The "beginners" level, and it's called "al tasabbor" meaning that you actually make an effort to remind yourself that you shouldn't be sad or refusing to Allah's test and to TRY to be applying Sabr.

2. The "intermediate" level, and it's called "al sabr" and this is when you actually can discipline yourself to accept Allah's tests without negative feelings, and to say "al 7amdolillah" while REALLY meaning it (without any questions or doubts) and feeling it in your heart.

3. The "advanced" level, is called "al istebar" and it's the level of Muhammad (pbuh) as instructed to him in the Quran "wa2mor ahlak bel salat wa istaber", this is when you actually feel HAPPY if you get ibtelaa2 (trial) from Allah!! because then you know that Allah loves you because He is giving you a chance to gather a limitless amount of hasanat, and to delete all your saye2at, and to move forward in your faith a few steps closer to being with Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and other Prophets on Judgement Day.

(May Allah make us from el mustabereen el sabereen. Ameen)

So the way One feels in the heart about Al Ibtelaa2 (trial) is actually a very good measure of where you are on the scale of IMAN ...

The Prophet (pbuh) says that

the most people tested with pains and loss are the Prophets since they're the most faithful, and the next level get less pain and tests and so on ...so we mustn't be happy if we have "no problem"!

He (pbuh) also says that any sickness even a minor one is a sign that Allah loves that person to the extent of testing him/her for a higher level of Jannah like for example in an addmission test for a higher class at school

do you still think we should NOT ask Allah for el sabr? (copied from a websie)

Feel happy if we have more tests

Wishing you wonderful Ramadhan and Eid !

Ummi's BLOG said...

salaams anonymous friend...

thanks for the write up...
hmm dont know if im at the point where I will be happy if I have more test... (i ni penakut orangnya..)
hehe.. but of course we should always pray that even if we r given test, pls make us slaves that are patient and may the test brings more happiness after it has subside. amin.