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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Its 7.25am now and Ive been up since 4.30 am.
After Sahur and Subuh prayers, I did the laundry and finished up some ironing and then I went on YouTube to hear some songs from Hijjaz.
When the washing machine finished its duty, I hung the clothes and went on the internet again to read some articles which I needed to find. Hubby just came back from the masjid. He’s already asleep. And Im still here… in front of the laptop.

I need some sleep. Cos I have a full planned day ahead.

Need to go to the library to pay of my $1.80 fine from 1999. Have you paid yours ? haha..seems that many people got reminders from NLB to pay of fines owed from many years back.

Then I need to go to Sheng Siong to buy the gassy drinks. Hmm this year, we’ll go with COKE. At least, if after EID and the drinks are not finished, hubby can gulp them down since he so love COKE. Can you believe it, I still have 5 bottles of F&N fruitaid still on my kitchen floor from last year’s EID ? Yeah, we didn’t receive that much visitors last year so there were leftovers.

Went to Geylang yesterday to accompany Mum to get her stuff.

So happens we got a parking spot infront of Nora’s and well oh well, couldn’t resist the temptations. I went in and bought 2 apparells.
Gosh, Im so over my budget the month. Anyway, there's nothing else for me to get. So really hope not to splurge on anything else that I don’t really need.
We’ve gotten our new notes from UOB.

Yesterday was a strange night.

I had this long funny dream that brought me into my past. I dreamt of NaFaSha, and I dreamt of Sharifah Aisyah. She was telling me to check out this cute Ustaz and I was giggling like a dreamy school girl. Hmm weird right since Im now a married woman. But somehow I woke up and I felt that I really traveled back in the past. Well, think nothing to it. A dream can just be satan’s game.

Yesterday was Malam 25.

According to some Ulama’, Imam Ghazali r.a said considering the day that Ramadhan started, this year prediction was malam 25th, which will be the night of Lailatul Qadar.
So me and hubby decided to perfume Solat Terawih at Masjid Kampong Siglap for a change.
Reason being, the 2 Imams were Qari, from Mecca and they read 1 juz each night for Terawih. What a lovely experience especially the last witir rakaat when the Imam read a very long doa qunut, and the woman beside me started sobbing, and hearing her sobs, my heart just melted and I sobbed, and then the woman beside me started sobbing so it was kindda like a chain reaction. And the whole environment was just so repenting and I felt so close to Allah.

Im glad I completed all 23 rakaats. I was so tempted to back out of the Jemaah after 8, which some ladies did because the Imams were reading 1 juz. But "the" voice told me to stay on. Much of the feeling I had when mummyfuzzywuzzy told me to compleate the Big Walk when I wanted to U-Turn halfway. A feeling of I must go one eventhough I dont think I can.

After 12 rakaats, the voice told me 2 more, then 2 more, then I felt that I have to complete it so I can tell Hubby I did it! reminding me again of another instance when I gave birth w/o the aid of epidural to prove to hubby that I CAN do it.
But after the whole 23 rakaats, legs shaking knees weak, Im glad I made it , because Ramadhan was going to end soon and I might not get this opportunity again.

I dread that Ramadhan is leaving us. Really. This has been the best Ramadhan of my whole 26 years of living. Ive never treasured Ramadhan as much as I treasured it this time. 1 more week to go. Less in fact. Lets make the most of it. Last 6 days. Sobz.

Barrikillah humalana fi syahrri Ramadhan.


Red Herring said...

Hee.. It does seem like the best Ramadhan for me too. Can't put my finger on it, but it feels different :)

Ummi's BLOG said...

yes yes... it does. : )

ihsan said...

doesn't feel like the best ramadhan to me this year...:( but it's still a blessed Ramadhan, insyallah.

May all of us come out of this Ramadhan forgiven of all our past sins...

Ummi's BLOG said...

hopefully we will live long enough to see the next ramadhan.. insya'allah.