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Sunday, October 21, 2007

1st week of Eid...we're sick !

Little Habib in his first day baju kurung... coudnt get anything smaller though.

yes... he is doing the "ALLAH HU AKBAR" pose which seems to be his favourite at this moments...
The first week of Eid has passed. While I enjoyed meeting up with my relatives and some whom I dont see in a year, this week has also been a trial for me.

You see bloggy, me, hubby and Little Habib have all fallen victim to the flu bug ! and what a strong one too. My fever hit 39degrees and without a choice, I had to be on 2 days MC. Even scarier was when the doctor commented that it could be dengue !!

Little Habib got the bug first, and we brought him to DR B. The bug had spread and then he had phlegm, well maybe thats because we gave him a sip to many of gassy carbonated water that people serve during our Eid visits... yeah , a sip to many. and now he's coughing... badly. I had to bring him to Kidlink yesterday cos DR B meds didnt seems to work on him, and that cost me a bomb. He's now on antibiotics.... kesian nya tengok dia semalam when 3 of us had to restrain him to give him the meds. After that, he coughed so much that he vomitted his phlegm and the meds and I could see that he has asthma. Its sad, cos I have acute asthma and I know what it like when your lungs are clogged with phlegm that its so difficult to breath, and every breath you take only makes you tired. I know, Ive passed him the asthma. Dr B said so. The bond between mother and child is too strong she says.
I really hope he can outgrow it. I havent outgrow my asthma since it came to me at the age of 6.
Anyone out there have a remedy to beat this illness ? Someone told me to take honey, some said jelly gamat, some says Vit e... trust me, Ive tried them all. I guess, I just have to stay away from cold drinks, ice-creams and anyting cold.... well, wont life be boring then ?

OK so ....Then hubby got the bug, and though I was recovering, he passed it to me again when we shared the same tea cup !! arghhhh geramnya... so now, again, I have to take meds. Our visiting have come to a slow crawl. We've not visited most aunties from my hubby's side and I hope they dont take offence cos Im sure they'll think that this year, with a car, its easier for me and hubby to jalan raya..


Anonymous said...

Poor things, you all! Hopefully you recover quickly Insya Allah..

Girl, takmo kasi budak kecik gassy drinks lah :0 Bring a bottle of plain water for him or ask your host for plain water when you go visiting. Not good for them kiddies.

Ouh, I recently quoted an article from babycenter.com with regards to flu vaccination in the babyblog. Heh. It's a terrible thing for a young child to have.

~Ummu Nabil

Ummi's BLOG said...

Ok sure I will read it later..

me takmo kasi, but my boy keep pointing to the drink and my hubby say ok just give abit.. each house give abit.. then become phlegm.. gosh kesian dia.. i must be stricter next time...

my hubby now lost his voice u know..if yr hubby calls him, mesti terperanjat.. voice v scary one...

Anonymous said...

If he points repeatedly just sumbat him plain water. He won't know the difference. If you ask your host for some and it's served in a cup different from what he usually uses, he'd think it's a different drink. Hee..

Ah, suara abah dah jadi r-a-w-k eh? LOL..

~Ummu Nabil

Ummi's BLOG said...

hehe.. ok thanks for the tip. I will be stricter with diet next time.

suara ummi pun dah jadi r-a-w-k lah.. serious, i lost my voice today !! :p

Red Herring said...

Camna you communicate? Sign language ke? ;)