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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Not meant for me again...

Yesterday , I was offered a job as a CSE at a company which my good friend is working in.

I like Sherlyn and we used to be ex-colleagues at my previous company and we used to work so well together troubleshooting problems.
She left my ex company earlier than me 3 yrs ago and soon after, she did invite me to join her but Hubby didnt approve because the company just started in Singapore and he didnt know if its stable or not.

Now 3 years later, she offered me again the same position because 1 of her CS staff have resigned and she urgently need a staff for the support section.

The work is less stressful she says, quite flexible but pay is lesser than what Im getting now but higher than my previous company's pay. And I get a chance to be Sherlyn's colleague again.

I tried getting Hubby's approval casually last night but as expected, he didnt want me to give up on my current job so easily as Im barely into 1mth in this company so he told me to turn down the offer. *Sigh*

I offered a few of my friends but none could take up the position because of commitments to current jobs. Then I though of my sister. She's now on contract with another company and she's looking for a full time job so what better.

Anyway my sister agree to try for the job and as much as I want that job, I guess its not meant for me...

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